Let’s Taste the Summer Beer of Mill St.


This past Friday I was able to get some really fascinating insight from a Mill St. Brewmaster himself — Joel Manning! What a guy, I’d like to make a point to say this man is extremely knowledgeable and was able to convey the stories of each beer in not only a humorous way, but in a way that us, non-brewmaster could understand.


This summer the LCBO has brought in a Mill St. sampling pack, which contains six different types of beers — all of which are awesome!


I’ve been a fan of Mill St.’s Organic beer and the 100th Meridian. However, this past Friday I was exposed to a beautiful new selection of Mill St.’s Ginger Cat, Stargazer Summer Ale and the seasonal Lemon Tea.

The Ginger Cat is a ginger beer that ranks a 5 percent alcohol content. The hints of ginger are subtle and delicious. For those who don’t like ginger, might still consider giving this a taste-test before dismissing it! It’s a Belgian-style witbier or “white beer” made with raw and malted wheat along with orange peel and candied stem ginger added in the brewing process.  

The Stargazer Summer Ale is a 4.1 percent alcohol content brew that came with an adorable story about Manning and his (late) father stargazing one night. This was before the beer had a name, and this story is the reason why it’s called what it is. It’s a session bitter and it’s a very drinkable hoppy ale.

The Lemon Tea is the ultimate summer brew. It was created so simply and easily by combining lemonade and beer. The sweet taste of lemonade is such a traditional summer drink that combining it with a cold brew makes so much sense. It’s pleasing to the adult who is really just a kid at heart.

Some major takeaways from the beer tasting:

Always, always, always try new brews. Like Manning said, if you don’t like it now, try something else expand your palette and try it again in a few months, or even next year

Your palette is always expanding.

The first beer always tastes the best.

My favourite part of this entire presentation had to be the down-to-earth tone, the anecdotes and when Manning said talked about beer it wasn’t on a pretentious level, this quote makes me heart smile and it also makes me want more beer…. “you’re supposed to have a couple of beers and laugh your guts out with your friends”


Mr. Manning Gazing at the Stargazer Bottle – Perfection! PS!! Check out the book on the left hand side of the image. We are so sneaky!

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An Enchanted Afternoon Spent With Shoes


Gotta say, I’m feelin’ pretty whimsically enlightened right now! It could be the (non alcoholic) love potion or the enchanted toadstool cupcakes…

11253851_10152705717601370_2049447593_n 11216340_10152705717536370_802775925_n

However, it’s neither of the above, instead, the real culprit giving me this feeling is shoes – Nine West Canada shoes!

A portion of Nine West's 'Rave Riot' collection

A portion of Nine West’s ‘Rave Riot’ collection

Last weekTrend Hunter (my awesome place of employment) received an invitation from Nine West Canada to attend their sneak peek showing of this year’s new collections. When my manager asked me if I was able to attend, I think it took me an entire 13 seconds to reply with a “hell yes!!”

Today, my coworker and I were transported to an enchanted forest – literally. The magical showroom was filled with fantastic shoes, handbags and accessories. Upon entrance our names were on a list, which just happened to be an oversized scroll with flowing cursive writing. As we stepped through the aches of rich foliage we were met by women wearing flower crowns. One, very sweet and informative gal showed us around.

She pointed out themes that were woven into all the collections, as well as, specific notes and trends related to individual collections.

It felt pretty bad-ass to be able to touch the materials and get up close and personal with Nine West’s newest items. All of the products displayed today will be in Canadian stores over the next year – and some can be seen in stores within the next two weeks!

Okay, enough writing, here’s the good stuff:

11253831_10152705722986370_1442046329_n (1)

Glitz and Glam Collection: Sparkles on sparkles! Fancy and fun girls-night-out shoes and handbags


Glitz and Glam Collection

That Girl Collection: 60s inspired silhouettes Updated T-straps Block heels

That Girl Collection:
60s inspired silhouettes | Updated T-straps | Block heels


Norm Core Collection: Polished & tailored | Clean lines & minimal detail | Inspired by menswear, yet feminine | Textured & floral


Weekend Warrior Collection: Casual | Relaxed | New hardware details | Lace ups | Shearlings



Borrowed From the Boys Collection: Kilities | Oxfords | Munk straps | Smoking slippers. This collection had some seriously comfy looking footwear. The tomboy vibes are so fresh and carry a very feminine aura about them.


11225504_10152705717686370_1698898197_n The colours used for these shoes can literally be worn in any season and it would make sense. The one-side coverage/one-side open was a trend throughout the various collections. 

This collection is bringing back to fanny pack! Couldn’t be more excited about that tidbit! Also, the purse/backpacks are simply great.


Come As You Are Collection: Grunge yet sophisticated | Casual & comfortable | Antique & worn materials | Floral prints


Chunky heels – noted

Grand finale! The sneakiest of all sneak peeks: WILLIAM RAST Footwear AKA the company founded by Justin Timberlake & Trace Ayala


WILLIAM RAST – Female Collection


WILLIAM RAST – Men’s Collection

Fun photos of the decor and theme – Enchanted Forest style!!

The perimeter of the room was delegated to a cohesive flow of tables presenting each collection. Smack in the centre of the room was a long, rectangular table lined with a deep purple cloth. The table was topped with tasty treats like candy apple, edible acorns, chocolate dipped pretzels and refreshments. It also contained mass amounts of delicate floral arrangements and candles floating inside mason jars. Sprinkled among these items were boots, bags and hats sitting on top of tree stumps, or inside glass cases.

11121655_10152705717621370_463384487_n 11261069_10152705717626370_910640711_n 11251588_10152705717616370_317235004_n 11245422_10152705717611370_921905156_n 11253851_10152705717601370_2049447593_n11261068_10152705717556370_434836888_n

Accessories: New to the Nine West Canada stores will be new accessories such as rosegold watches and statement necklaces!

  11216431_10152705717571370_268695034_n 11225682_10152705717566370_1772362131_n

New shades - stronger metal and an etched in logo. Popular leoppard print.  Accentuated framing.

New shades – stronger metal and an etched in logo.
Popular leopard print.
Accentuated framing.

Commonalities and consistent trends:

Banana heels

Thin ankle straps & T-straps

Thicker platforms

Block heels

Cow fur

Leopard/animal print


Simple bold-meets-neutral colours

Nine West Canada also gives the cutest parting gift: FAIRY DUST! A clear glass jar that fit in the palm of my hand and contains white sparkling powder was handed to my co-worker and I as we departed. The jar was sealed and tied with a gift card, but, most importantly – fairy dust. Love. LOVE. It can’t get much more enchanting/magical than that.

Fairy Dust!!!

Fairy Dust!!!

Happy Shopping!

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Toronto’s Hidden Artist: Robb Mirsky


In light of this weekend’s Toronto Comic Art Festival, taking place at the Toronto Reference Library, I wanted to share a feature post about a modest, yet insanely talented artist: Robb Mirsky.

Robb has been a co-worker of mine for the past year, but I only recently became aware of his badass talent in comics, and illustrations – he’s the real deal. I discovered Robb’s passion for this art form one day in during a casual conversation at work. We glazed the topic and I didn’t think much of it – until we connected via WordPress. I told him about my blog, he told me about his, I checked it out, and the next thing you know, I’m his biggest fan.

Sure, I claim to be a lover of superheros and I can appreciate the raw talent put into comics. The amount of detail, creative thought and self-motivation is simply inspiring. But, I have to admit, until I saw what Robb could create, I was never fascinated with this art – I’m officially fascinate, and you will be too.

Let me explain. Of course, Robb is attending the TCAF this weekend, so he created this awesome comic to distribute – self promotion is key! Here’s what happens when a slice of Toronto’s talent decides to spew greatness onto paper:

 11210162_10152698323291370_2061664851_n11208701_10152698323296370_1868562298_n 11225819_10152698323281370_1822424180_n11118457_10152698323286370_1653389075_n 11225699_10152698323126370_188322382_nThis comic strip is one of the best pieces of creative expression I’ve seen. I might sound biased, but if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t be writing about it.

And, hey, I’m not the only person who appreciates this guys talent. He’s been notice by publications around the city, as he should be; he’s been drawing and creating his original art since the age of 10.

Most recently he had a feature in blogTO as one of the ‘Top 10 Concert Poster Artists in Toronto‘. He created an amazing poster for the music band ‘Garbageface’:


Then, he had this spotlight in ‘Toronto Comic Jam’:http://issuu.com/tomking/docs/tcj_vol_19_iss_4__online_version_/c/su3d3n6

Those are just a few of the places Robb’s work can be seen. If you’re hitting the TCAF make sure you snag a copy of The Lemon Brigade!

I know you’re probably all itching for more so you might as well get social with Robb…

Follow him here: https://twitter.com/RobbMirsky

Or here: https://instagram.com/mirsktoons/

And definitely here: http://robbmirsky.com/

You’ll get to know Robb, and his pure artistic aggression toward so many of life’s daily frustrations with everything he posts. He also enjoys a good beer, ripping on terrible music, and obviously spending time with his beautiful wife and baby boy! He’s a cool guy who just happens to be a stellar artist, so show him some love and let’s get comics back on society’s radar!

Detective Ady… Just Kidding


This blog is dedicated to Jeffrey Orr, whoever, and wherever you are…

Well, hey there sunshine – literally! Such a beautiful Sunday definitely called for a Sunday stroll. Down by the water on Lakeshore Blvd. the sun, and sweet breeze gave life to the waterfront. Bikes, joggers, yoga practices, really really white girls sun bathing, family picnic’s all that fun jazz was a go today! Summer’s here, and although I woke up today thinking I would be writing about my exciting new full-time internship at Tend Hunter which starts tomorrow, I have decided to write, and inform you about the mysterious Jeff Orr.

As I enjoyed the espial aspects of my walk, I found myself searching for a bit of solitude; veering quite directly off the beaten path I leaped down, slipped, and hopped across rocks and cement objects scattered below the parking lot of Oarsman and Lakeshore.

After fully inhaling the view, and peaceful seclusion, I made my way back up to the parking lot; here, I met Jeff. Not in person, more in material-essence. I was looking for the proper place to put my foot, so I wouldn’t bail backwards down the jagged slope; instead of finding my footing, I found a card. A bank card – interesting. A few steps away I saw another bank card, and another, then an air miles card, I got curious and began scouting the whole area. As it turns out I really shouldn’t have been in such a rush to climb back up the slope, my eye caught sight of a wallet – home to the numerous cards – siting so perfectly atop a massive rock a few feet from where I had just been.

Making my way back down I found the only card that was mildly helpful – a health card. Now, I was able to put a face to the name.

I sat on the rock gazing at the water and noticed more cards beneath the surface. And, as much as my curiosity was growing I really wasn’t in the mood for a dip in the questionable water, just to fish out Mr.  Orr’s petro card.

Regardless, my imagination was running, and whether it’s due to my teenage obsession with Law & Order, or my summer reading addiction to Jo Nesbo, I couldn’t stop wondering “why?”

I mean, the cards were scattered, but close together, the wallet was just sitting on a rock as if waiting for me, and there was nothing else. I was actually expecting to see a body in the water floating somewhere close-by or a least some blood on a rock, a watch, a chopped off hand, something! Too far?

Since nothing appeared out the ordinary, I started thinking a drunken stooper (yes, I use Rob Ford terminology) had lead Jeff to dismiss all identification and plastic monetary distributors.

11195259_10152690141561370_435964883_n 11199021_10152690141566370_441619892_n11198777_10152690141551370_1065742173_n

Giving up, getting slightly bored, and craving an ice coffee, I dismissed the ideas swirling in my mind, and figured my walk back to Parkdale would intertwine me with the police where I could hand over the wallet. At this moment I accepted the forever mysterious Jeff Orr as the sole reason I did not, and cannot be a detective. My short attention span/easily bored personality, and desire for quick turn over were solidified.

But wait, I didn’t run into any mounted police, parked police, or bike-ridding police. Well, I’m in no mood to seek them out so here I am writing this blog. Giving the wallet one last look over, and after creeping the depths of Facebook and LinkedIn, I notice a card which doesn’t belong to Jeff! “Cynthia Orr”, alright I’m in, I’m curious again, and when I type her name into Facebook, there she is, and I quote ‘married to Jeff Orr’ – winner!! Thankfully she is more socially active! Come on, the guys name is Jeff/Jeffrey Orr. Common? Yep. Even with the health card picture, I can’t be certain that it’s a match, but the clues have lined themselves up and I’ll take the shot.

The collection of 10 cards - none of which were originally in this card holder.

The collection of 10 cards – none of which were originally in this card holder.

Thank you, Jeff for entertaining my imagination today, and I hope your wallet finds you well!!

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HiM:MAN at Uniun Nightclub


Saturday night was a new experience for me – watching a choreographed dance performance, by practically naked men, under sporadic flashes of rainbow lights, and a slight intoxication of weak nightclub drinks.

I was invited to the first ever HiM Promotions Event, by one of my girlfriends, Stephanie! Neither of us really knew what to expect, but she told me the event description was: a combination of Magic Mike and 50 Shades of Grey. I’ve never seen 50 Shades, nor read the book, but I get the gist, and Magic Mike didn’t leave me filled with a desire to go to a male strip club. I’ve been to female strip clubs and the atmosphere is fun, upbeat, party-esque and I assumed the same would be for a male establishment of the same sorts. However, what stopped me from ever going was probably the idea men have much larger egos than women – slightly judgmental, I know.

After going through the traditional female pre-party rituals of girl talk, drinks, and ripping apart my entire closet, we arrived at Uniun by about 8 pm. It seemed early, but the show started at 9 and we warmly welcomed by handsome, fit, kind men who ushered us in and proceeded to take pictures with each guest. At Uniun, the two-level dance club we found ourselves in the basement level, with countless other women. Chatter and excitement could be felt in every inch of the room, as the beautiful men circulated, shared drinks, and conversation with the guests.

At 9 we made our way upstairs and the show began. Lights flashed and a slideshow revealed the performers, with images of them wearing just jeans, or boxershorts.

Then, it happened, the music played – loud, screams arose from the crowd, and I think every single lady in that club had a permanent grin across their face. My pictures, and videos didn’t turn out that great, but, I was slightly distracted! Here are a few shots that I took, but if you’re interested there is plenty more pictures and videos on their facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/himpromotions?fref=ts

11139516_10152651172661370_269240454_n 10726550_10152651172646370_285960638_n 11158125_10152651172636370_1667860779_n 11158014_10152651172606370_1137391847_n

What I'm hold here is an axe-soaked muscle shirt which was ripped off, thrown into the crowd and landed on me.  Sweet..

What I’m hold here is an axe-soaked muscle shirt which was ripped off, thrown into the crowd and landed on me.

It was a fairly charming experience, the men had some stellar choreographed moves – I mean these men knew how to dance, and dance well. They had a performance, which they wore nothing but a towel, a striptease taking off their military-like attire, and during one performance they even gave a few lucky ladies from lap dance, blindfolded them, and tied their hands together with their neckties. They really covered a majority of the female fantasies – kudos.

After the show which was about 2 hours, maybe a bit less, the club resumed usual DJing and dancing. The men of HiM stuck around of course and were having a couple drinks themselves.

Event High:

The men were incredibly genuine. The way they proceeded to interact with the crowd, and hold conversations after the show, it blew my mind. I’m also not complaining about the torn up tank top I got..

Event Lows:

In one room of the lower level, of Uniun, there was a pop-up hair salon, beauty parlour that was open for anyone who felt the need to get pampered – that was really strange to me. HiM takes pride in their range of men, and, it’s fair, they have the bad boy, boy-next-door, suited-up business man, sexy-beard/man-bun, tattooed, all that good stuff, but I can’t help but be a little disappointed in their race/ethnic diversity. All the men we saw were caucasian. This was the first event of its kind, and with hopes to continue these events in Toronto, I’d broaden the line-up of men on the team – but, that’s just my own opinion. It was an otherwise fabulous night.

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Toronto’s West End Street Art


Over this long weekend I took a walk in the warm-ish sunshine on Monday evening and snapped a few pictures of the wicked art that lines the tracks, alleys and side streets of Toronto’s West end.


99 Sudbury Street

Canada's largest graffiti production wall. This was completed three years ago. It's a seemingly endless wall alongside the tracks in Parkdale - Sudbury Street. This is a small portion, but my favourite part. The sunset doesn't hurt flaw image either.

Canada’s largest graffiti production wall. This was completed three years ago. It’s a seemingly endless wall alongside the tracks in Parkdale – Sudbury Street. This is a small portion, but my favourite part. The sunset doesn’t hurt flaw image either.

Parkdale alley. Fishies!  Don't fall for beauty; when you're blinded by love you don't notice what's sneaking up right behind you. Watch your back because no one else will do that for you.

Parkdale alley. Fishies!
Don’t fall for beauty; when you’re blinded by love you don’t notice what’s sneaking up right behind you.
Watch your back because no one else will do that for you. Don’t be so fucking doe-eyed.


Alien invasion; they’re just like us, but green.


Rafiki just gets it.


It’s rarely about the brush you hold, but the way in which you use it “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it”


Lion King? Concrete Jungle? Are you feeling lost in the world? Trapped among trees, creatures, and traveling off the beaten path? What do you get from this? For me: Life is a constant jungle, it’s challenging, it confronts you in unexpected way, you don’t know what’s coming at you next, but, hey, the journey is the best adventure. Hakuna Matata!



Some words from the Parkdale dictionary.

Some words from the Parkdale dictionary.

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My Pants for Summer


My amazing mama has a style like noneother. She rocks a hippie-inspired wardrobe with bold colours, or straight black outfits. In her mind cowboy boots go with everything – and to be fair, she totally pulls it off. I didn’t always understand my moms outfit choices, but who am I to judge? I have no true fashion sense, but, since moving to Toronto, which happens to be where my mom lived for most of her adult life, I’ve realized that fashion is infinite.

If my mom had bought me clothing about five years ago, I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it, but today I’d gladly take fashion advice from her!

Her most recent visit to Toronto lead to her wander the streets, and, as she did, she came across a store called Rock World. It’s basically a smoke shop; selling anything and everything really. It was here, that my mama was able to snag me these wicked pants:


They’re super comfy, and the sweet elephant pattern really captured my heart. Semi-tight at the top with a crinkled elastic band, ballooning out in parachute style and then grabbing my ankles – I’ve never owned anything similar. They even have two pockets on the front, just above my knees, because, why not?! The material is ultra thin, making them the perfect pant for summer!

Paired with flats, and a crop top, I’ve already imaged my evening strolls, patio drinks, lounging by the pool, and attending concerts in these pants! Well done mama!! I think she should shop for me more often..

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