Let’s Taste the Summer Beer of Mill St.


This past Friday I was able to get some really fascinating insight from a Mill St. Brewmaster himself — Joel Manning! What a guy, I’d like to make a point to say this man is extremely knowledgeable and was able to convey the stories of each beer in not only a humorous way, but in a way that us, non-brewmaster could understand.


This summer the LCBO has brought in a Mill St. sampling pack, which contains six different types of beers — all of which are awesome!


I’ve been a fan of Mill St.’s Organic beer and the 100th Meridian. However, this past Friday I was exposed to a beautiful new selection of Mill St.’s Ginger Cat, Stargazer Summer Ale and the seasonal Lemon Tea.

The Ginger Cat is a ginger beer that ranks a 5 percent alcohol content. The hints of ginger are subtle and delicious. For those who don’t like ginger, might still consider giving this a taste-test before dismissing it! It’s a Belgian-style witbier or “white beer” made with raw and malted wheat along with orange peel and candied stem ginger added in the brewing process.  

The Stargazer Summer Ale is a 4.1 percent alcohol content brew that came with an adorable story about Manning and his (late) father stargazing one night. This was before the beer had a name, and this story is the reason why it’s called what it is. It’s a session bitter and it’s a very drinkable hoppy ale.

The Lemon Tea is the ultimate summer brew. It was created so simply and easily by combining lemonade and beer. The sweet taste of lemonade is such a traditional summer drink that combining it with a cold brew makes so much sense. It’s pleasing to the adult who is really just a kid at heart.

Some major takeaways from the beer tasting:

Always, always, always try new brews. Like Manning said, if you don’t like it now, try something else expand your palette and try it again in a few months, or even next year

Your palette is always expanding.

The first beer always tastes the best.

My favourite part of this entire presentation had to be the down-to-earth tone, the anecdotes and when Manning said talked about beer it wasn’t on a pretentious level, this quote makes me heart smile and it also makes me want more beer…. “you’re supposed to have a couple of beers and laugh your guts out with your friends”


Mr. Manning Gazing at the Stargazer Bottle – Perfection! PS!! Check out the book on the left hand side of the image. We are so sneaky!

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My Pants for Summer


My amazing mama has a style like noneother. She rocks a hippie-inspired wardrobe with bold colours, or straight black outfits. In her mind cowboy boots go with everything – and to be fair, she totally pulls it off. I didn’t always understand my moms outfit choices, but who am I to judge? I have no true fashion sense, but, since moving to Toronto, which happens to be where my mom lived for most of her adult life, I’ve realized that fashion is infinite.

If my mom had bought me clothing about five years ago, I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it, but today I’d gladly take fashion advice from her!

Her most recent visit to Toronto lead to her wander the streets, and, as she did, she came across a store called Rock World. It’s basically a smoke shop; selling anything and everything really. It was here, that my mama was able to snag me these wicked pants:


They’re super comfy, and the sweet elephant pattern really captured my heart. Semi-tight at the top with a crinkled elastic band, ballooning out in parachute style and then grabbing my ankles – I’ve never owned anything similar. They even have two pockets on the front, just above my knees, because, why not?! The material is ultra thin, making them the perfect pant for summer!

Paired with flats, and a crop top, I’ve already imaged my evening strolls, patio drinks, lounging by the pool, and attending concerts in these pants! Well done mama!! I think she should shop for me more often..

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It’s Back! Amsterdam Framboise is now available


It may have snowed in Toronto last night, but I was in a summer state of mind sipping on a Framboise. It was my first time trying this “strong beer” and it wasn’t what I expected. I find Amsterdam brews beer with a distinctly and obvious taste of ale, hops, IPA – or the like. This beer was different: tart, but sweet and less of a beer-experience, more of a spritzer sensation met my taste buds.

Even those who aren’t drawn to beers as their usual drink of choice, Framboise can appeal to a massive audience of beer enthusiasts, dabblers in coolers, and those searching for a summer refreshment above all others. The bright, welcoming packaging is marketing win for the seasonal approach, and it is, after all, brewed only once a year – for the past 23 years, so…. You get it. Get it.


When poured, you see the real ruby red colour, white foamy head and a slight pink hue. It has a light-medium body with carbonation of almost champagne-like fizz.


Brewed in small batches by Amsterdam brewery, with real Canadian raspberries this 6.5% strong beer is the one to try. Without infusing too much sweetness, but rather surging a tartness into the beer, it brings a burst of raspberry and a hint of ale.

“Using an old world recipe, our brewmaster handcrafted this wondrous beer by blending Belgian wheat malt with real Canadian raspberries. In fact six pounds of raspberries go into making every case, resulting in an abundantly obvious ruby red beer with a crisp fruit flavour.”

With relation to my last post of the Shock Top Raspberry White, they’re are some definitely differences, it seems that raspberry beer will be the summer blend to watch out for this year!

Shock Top: Berry Meets Beer


As berry season is fast approaching us here in North America, I think it’s important to look at what happens when berry meets beer!

This post is dedicated to the one, and only, amazing, Shock Top beer. The traditional, Belgian Style White Ale is a year-round wheat beer. It’s brewed with coriander, orange, lemon and lime peel with barley and wheat. At 5.2% alcohol content, it’s top five on my list of favourite brews. Once Spring and Summer vibes emerge in Canada, so does Shock Top’s seasonal beers – retail speaking!

Most recently hitting the LCBO shelves is the glorious, Shock Top Raspberry White. A 5.2% White ale, with natural raspberry flavour, wheat and barley – it’s a must have, and a great welcome to warmer weather!


Shock Top Raspberry White & Shock Top Belgian White

An instant nose of raspberry is inhaled. This sweet aroma is nothing like a candy-infused, stomach ache waiting to happen; it’s pleasant, and refreshing, bringing an natural brightness, crisp flavour twist, and smooth finish to an already delicious beer. No, I’m not getting paid to rave about this, but, in my opinion, it’s something worth raving about. Although, it’s brewed year-round, it doesn’t exist at my disposal, so I take full advantage of seasonal opportunity – you should too!

More great things to try from Shock Top:

  • Traditional Belgian White
  • Honeycrisp Apple Wheat
  • Honey Bourbon Wheat
  • Lemon Shandy (Seasonal)
  • Pumpkin Wheat (Seasonal)
  • Shockolate Wheat (Seasonal)
  • Twisted Pretzel Wheat (Limited Edition)
  • Spiced Banana Wheat (Limited Edition)

Not into that? Okay, let’s stick to raspberry, because, berry and beer – it just works! I’m patiently awaiting for the Kawartha Lakes Brewing Co. to start stocking their raspberry wheat beer on the LCBO shelves. However, it’s currently available at the Amsterdam Brewery! I’m advised that the wait time is about two weeks, but, rest-assured, when it’s at the LCBO, I’ll indulge you all in another berry-beer review!

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If this didn’t make you want to try Shock Top, I’d strongly advise you to watch these great, interactive, sarcastically tasty ads provided by Shock Top:

Innis & Gunn’s Seasonal Spring/Summer Beer


Maybe it’s my Scottish background, or maybe it’s simply the smoothly crafted beer, but my appreciation for Innis & Gunn is one of few consistency’s in my life. I suppose it helps that their seasonal brews captivate my attention while pleasing my taste buds beyond ordinary delight. Their original Scottish beer, containing hints of toffee, vanilla and oak sets the bar for their entire collection of brews! It’s an appropriate choice for any time of year; a refreshing beverage on a summer’s eve, or a cozy pint by the fire, during the long winter days.

Over this past winter, their variety four-pack, which was new (to me) was completely fulfilling. Accompanied with one of the sturdiest bottle openers I’ve ever owned, the pack held: their original beer, rum finish, toasted oak IPA and, my favourite, the bourbon stout! Couldn’t have been more pleased with the interesting and distinctly different flavours of each bottle.

Today’s beer-run presented me with the opportunity to try two new flavours of Innis & Gunn. Both with green, Spring-inspired labels (based on my last post, it’s safe to say, green is the colour of Spring) I was able to buy their Irish Whiskey Finish (stout), and Rare Oak Pale Ale. The image below captures the new beer, and also shows how legit their bottle opener is – I’d feel safe sleeping with it under my pillow after a horror movie, it packs some weight!


Both of these smooth, and slightly sweet beers are getting me even more excited to embrace Spring! It might be the beer talking, but I love this Innis & Gunn company! They’re really doing beer right.

The Irish Whiskey Finnish is a 7.4% stout “matured over American oak heartwood that has been infused with Irish Whiskey… a rich, complex beer with a velvety smooth finish and notes of dark chocolate, coffee and treacle.” I couldn’t have said it better, the chocolate doesn’t resistant heavily with my palate, but the charming notes of coffee are perfection.

The 5.8% Rare Oak Pale Ale “has been matured over rare Scottish oak then finished with the addition of Sweet Gale, which grows wild in the Highlands of Scotland and was used traditionally as an alternative to imported hops. Crisp, fragrant and light” – How’s that for an interesting history tidbit? I’d have paid way more attention in class if “hops” was our discussion topic!

Both beers are a gracious reminder that summer is coming, Spring is here and, beer is great. So, cheers to that!

I HIGHLY recommend these choices. Although, they’re on the sweeter side beer, it’s always good to try new things! And, while we might not all have the ability travel across the pond anytime soon, we can all drink Scottish.

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Summer means BBQing


Last week I was able to spend my one and only day off with a good friend. We had made dinner plans, but wanted to stay in. So I grabbed some beer while I walked in the warm sunshine to the subway and began the journey to Humber College North. When I arrived we took a short trip to the grocery store and grabbed pineapple, shrimp, skewers, and an onion. Jamie (my friend) already had most of the ingredients at his place. 

When we got back, we cracked a beer, and were able to catch up on our busy lives while we (and I mostly watched, it was nice to not cook for once) prepared shrimp kabobs and pork kabobs. we stacked the skewers with our protein and added pineapple, onion, red pepper, orange pepper and yellow pepper. 

It took no time at all for the BBQ to make these tasty (and colourful) meals on a stick turn crispy and ready to be devoured. 

This picture might do it justice, but I think the food tasted even better than it looks!!



Tip: When BBQing with skewers it’s best to soak the sticks in water before loading them up and sticking them over a fire!

Happy BBQing 

Let’s Talk About Pizza & Patios


I was honoured to spend last Thursday out with my amazing sister after a long day of work! We had much to celebrate as we both have internships in our desired fields of study, and we both have part-time jobs downtown Toronto. It was a beautiful day and we really deserved a nice dinner and a movie date. We began our adventure walking down Richmond St. toward Jack Astors which is directly across from Scotiabank Theatre. We sat on their patio in the back and began with adult kool-aid, if ya catch my drift.. Okay, I’m lame but that’s alright. Anyways, take a look at these beauties: Image

In the back is my delicious white-wine sangria, and the closer one, Emma’s (my sister) is a blueberry mo-tea-to! Simply splendid summer sippers! 

This delightful pizza you can feast your eyes on is Jack’s veggie pizza! So good, I would absolutely recommend this culinary treat to all veggie lovers out there. It is very large, but hey, does anyone really complain about having a midnight snack that tastes this good?! I think not…


After dinner we had some time to kill before proceeding to the movies: more drinks? And so we did. Just a block or 2 away is Grace O’Malley’s. It was my first time there and they had a special on martinis, and being it was a girls night we found it very suiting and decided to indulge. Here is the product: 


(Sorry about the darkness, this bar isn’t very bright!)

And well after that we couldn’t see straight, forget trying to watch a movie….. KIDDING! We are big girls, we can handle a few drinks. We decided on watching Neighbors, it was hilarious, and perhaps the drinks influenced my decision, maybe it was Mr. Efron’s smile, Mr. Rogen’s sarcasm, or Rose Byrne being a badass mom, but regardless the movie was truly funny and reflected college pretty accurately! 

If you haven’t seen it, you really should, and while you’re out grab some drinks and tasty summer grub, tis the patio season folks!!