An Enchanted Afternoon Spent With Shoes


Gotta say, I’m feelin’ pretty whimsically enlightened right now! It could be the (non alcoholic) love potion or the enchanted toadstool cupcakes…

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However, it’s neither of the above, instead, the real culprit giving me this feeling is shoes – Nine West Canada shoes!

A portion of Nine West's 'Rave Riot' collection

A portion of Nine West’s ‘Rave Riot’ collection

Last weekTrend Hunter (my awesome place of employment) received an invitation from Nine West Canada to attend their sneak peek showing of this year’s new collections. When my manager asked me if I was able to attend, I think it took me an entire 13 seconds to reply with a “hell yes!!”

Today, my coworker and I were transported to an enchanted forest – literally. The magical showroom was filled with fantastic shoes, handbags and accessories. Upon entrance our names were on a list, which just happened to be an oversized scroll with flowing cursive writing. As we stepped through the aches of rich foliage we were met by women wearing flower crowns. One, very sweet and informative gal showed us around.

She pointed out themes that were woven into all the collections, as well as, specific notes and trends related to individual collections.

It felt pretty bad-ass to be able to touch the materials and get up close and personal with Nine West’s newest items. All of the products displayed today will be in Canadian stores over the next year – and some can be seen in stores within the next two weeks!

Okay, enough writing, here’s the good stuff:

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Glitz and Glam Collection: Sparkles on sparkles! Fancy and fun girls-night-out shoes and handbags


Glitz and Glam Collection

That Girl Collection: 60s inspired silhouettes Updated T-straps Block heels

That Girl Collection:
60s inspired silhouettes | Updated T-straps | Block heels


Norm Core Collection: Polished & tailored | Clean lines & minimal detail | Inspired by menswear, yet feminine | Textured & floral


Weekend Warrior Collection: Casual | Relaxed | New hardware details | Lace ups | Shearlings



Borrowed From the Boys Collection: Kilities | Oxfords | Munk straps | Smoking slippers. This collection had some seriously comfy looking footwear. The tomboy vibes are so fresh and carry a very feminine aura about them.


11225504_10152705717686370_1698898197_n The colours used for these shoes can literally be worn in any season and it would make sense. The one-side coverage/one-side open was a trend throughout the various collections. 

This collection is bringing back to fanny pack! Couldn’t be more excited about that tidbit! Also, the purse/backpacks are simply great.


Come As You Are Collection: Grunge yet sophisticated | Casual & comfortable | Antique & worn materials | Floral prints


Chunky heels – noted

Grand finale! The sneakiest of all sneak peeks: WILLIAM RAST Footwear AKA the company founded by Justin Timberlake & Trace Ayala


WILLIAM RAST – Female Collection


WILLIAM RAST – Men’s Collection

Fun photos of the decor and theme – Enchanted Forest style!!

The perimeter of the room was delegated to a cohesive flow of tables presenting each collection. Smack in the centre of the room was a long, rectangular table lined with a deep purple cloth. The table was topped with tasty treats like candy apple, edible acorns, chocolate dipped pretzels and refreshments. It also contained mass amounts of delicate floral arrangements and candles floating inside mason jars. Sprinkled among these items were boots, bags and hats sitting on top of tree stumps, or inside glass cases.

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Accessories: New to the Nine West Canada stores will be new accessories such as rosegold watches and statement necklaces!

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New shades - stronger metal and an etched in logo. Popular leoppard print.  Accentuated framing.

New shades – stronger metal and an etched in logo.
Popular leopard print.
Accentuated framing.

Commonalities and consistent trends:

Banana heels

Thin ankle straps & T-straps

Thicker platforms

Block heels

Cow fur

Leopard/animal print


Simple bold-meets-neutral colours

Nine West Canada also gives the cutest parting gift: FAIRY DUST! A clear glass jar that fit in the palm of my hand and contains white sparkling powder was handed to my co-worker and I as we departed. The jar was sealed and tied with a gift card, but, most importantly – fairy dust. Love. LOVE. It can’t get much more enchanting/magical than that.

Fairy Dust!!!

Fairy Dust!!!

Happy Shopping!

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These boots are NOT made for walkin’


Shoes are so important; they complete outfits, make statements, protect your feet, allow unparalleled comfort (or pain – sorry, were stilettos really necessary…?) but the shoe game is about to change. In my opinion, this is a mild, yet humorous and entertaining hiccup in the footwear industry. But, please have a look at the newest and oh-so-fancy ways shoe evolution is benefiting our society.

Shoe selfie: Because taking a selfie with your arm isn’t working.. Yes, it’s a thing, maybe? I can’t decide if this is a joke, or a real and true, awkward new way to make your leg a selfie stick.. The video is all you need, please watch. Embrace it, and take with it what you will…

Again, no need to use your arms/hands when you can simply clean with your feet. Spill something? Fear not, you don’t have to bend over to clean it! Using these splendid tools, ot rather, shoe accessories your life has been simplified. Note sarcasm all over this post**

Today, I was completely caught off-guard when I saw these images. It’s worth a laugh, but, if anyone can ease my mind and ensure this is one massive Aprils Fools joke, let me know!!

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