Detective Ady… Just Kidding


This blog is dedicated to Jeffrey Orr, whoever, and wherever you are…

Well, hey there sunshine – literally! Such a beautiful Sunday definitely called for a Sunday stroll. Down by the water on Lakeshore Blvd. the sun, and sweet breeze gave life to the waterfront. Bikes, joggers, yoga practices, really really white girls sun bathing, family picnic’s all that fun jazz was a go today! Summer’s here, and although I woke up today thinking I would be writing about my exciting new full-time internship at Tend Hunter which starts tomorrow, I have decided to write, and inform you about the mysterious Jeff Orr.

As I enjoyed the espial aspects of my walk, I found myself searching for a bit of solitude; veering quite directly off the beaten path I leaped down, slipped, and hopped across rocks and cement objects scattered below the parking lot of Oarsman and Lakeshore.

After fully inhaling the view, and peaceful seclusion, I made my way back up to the parking lot; here, I met Jeff. Not in person, more in material-essence. I was looking for the proper place to put my foot, so I wouldn’t bail backwards down the jagged slope; instead of finding my footing, I found a card. A bank card – interesting. A few steps away I saw another bank card, and another, then an air miles card, I got curious and began scouting the whole area. As it turns out I really shouldn’t have been in such a rush to climb back up the slope, my eye caught sight of a wallet – home to the numerous cards – siting so perfectly atop a massive rock a few feet from where I had just been.

Making my way back down I found the only card that was mildly helpful – a health card. Now, I was able to put a face to the name.

I sat on the rock gazing at the water and noticed more cards beneath the surface. And, as much as my curiosity was growing I really wasn’t in the mood for a dip in the questionable water, just to fish out Mr.  Orr’s petro card.

Regardless, my imagination was running, and whether it’s due to my teenage obsession with Law & Order, or my summer reading addiction to Jo Nesbo, I couldn’t stop wondering “why?”

I mean, the cards were scattered, but close together, the wallet was just sitting on a rock as if waiting for me, and there was nothing else. I was actually expecting to see a body in the water floating somewhere close-by or a least some blood on a rock, a watch, a chopped off hand, something! Too far?

Since nothing appeared out the ordinary, I started thinking a drunken stooper (yes, I use Rob Ford terminology) had lead Jeff to dismiss all identification and plastic monetary distributors.

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Giving up, getting slightly bored, and craving an ice coffee, I dismissed the ideas swirling in my mind, and figured my walk back to Parkdale would intertwine me with the police where I could hand over the wallet. At this moment I accepted the forever mysterious Jeff Orr as the sole reason I did not, and cannot be a detective. My short attention span/easily bored personality, and desire for quick turn over were solidified.

But wait, I didn’t run into any mounted police, parked police, or bike-ridding police. Well, I’m in no mood to seek them out so here I am writing this blog. Giving the wallet one last look over, and after creeping the depths of Facebook and LinkedIn, I notice a card which doesn’t belong to Jeff! “Cynthia Orr”, alright I’m in, I’m curious again, and when I type her name into Facebook, there she is, and I quote ‘married to Jeff Orr’ – winner!! Thankfully she is more socially active! Come on, the guys name is Jeff/Jeffrey Orr. Common? Yep. Even with the health card picture, I can’t be certain that it’s a match, but the clues have lined themselves up and I’ll take the shot.

The collection of 10 cards - none of which were originally in this card holder.

The collection of 10 cards – none of which were originally in this card holder.

Thank you, Jeff for entertaining my imagination today, and I hope your wallet finds you well!!

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