“That Awkward Moment” When You Cut Yourself Out Of Your Own Life…


Hey there beautiful light green blog I used to know..

This might be the worst blog entry ever! I’ve completely abandoned my own writing space to pursue another — wanna play catch up? Real quick! Here’s what’s up..

I started a job (as previously mentioned) at Trend Hunter! I’m officially working Monday – Friday and writing each day! I’m learning, writing, researching and getting to know a stellar group of individuals.

I still have my job at the LCBO, which has allowed me to continue an almost solid seven day working schedule for the past six weeks.

I’ve been trying new and exciting alcohol (‘Hey Day’ & ‘Apple Crown’…..?) I can’t wait to share these with you guys!

I officially graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber with a degree, a diploma and with “distinction” — I hadn’t a fucking clue what this meant, I’m used to “honors” but that’s basically… Yay me!

I’ve also mildly attempted to enjoy a life outside these working walls, however, that has mostly consisted of laundry, grocery shopping and searching for a new apartment – oh hey, I’m also trying to get out of Parkdale (sister included).

As you can see my Instagram and Twitter are still active and well, but this poor blog has been cut from the conversation and it’s made me slightly emotional. I’ve been having a terrible day and although I’d love to sit here and vent, the issue at hand won’t matter in a week, let alone a year so instead this recap will suffice as my outlet.

Summary: let’s get to know each other again!

Future: Let’s not let this happen again. Here’s some thing to look forward to from me! TO Pride is currently in session and this week I’m hoping for some interaction (work permitting).

Moving! I’ll definitely be updating this status frequently.

Glamping with Trend Hunter, and other exciting Trend Hunter activities, events, fun days and work updates (Woohoo!!)

LCBO? Yeah… that too, but mostly just beer y’all are going to want to try.

Alright, so there is probably more to say, but let’s keep this short. That’s my life and I’ve been too busy to write – hence I’m about ready for a straight jacket. Actually..

Love, love, love