Toronto’s Hidden Artist: Robb Mirsky


In light of this weekend’s Toronto Comic Art Festival, taking place at the Toronto Reference Library, I wanted to share a feature post about a modest, yet insanely talented artist: Robb Mirsky.

Robb has been a co-worker of mine for the past year, but I only recently became aware of his badass talent in comics, and illustrations – he’s the real deal. I discovered Robb’s passion for this art form one day in during a casual conversation at work. We glazed the topic and I didn’t think much of it – until we connected via WordPress. I told him about my blog, he told me about his, I checked it out, and the next thing you know, I’m his biggest fan.

Sure, I claim to be a lover of superheros and I can appreciate the raw talent put into comics. The amount of detail, creative thought and self-motivation is simply inspiring. But, I have to admit, until I saw what Robb could create, I was never fascinated with this art – I’m officially fascinate, and you will be too.

Let me explain. Of course, Robb is attending the TCAF this weekend, so he created this awesome comic to distribute – self promotion is key! Here’s what happens when a slice of Toronto’s talent decides to spew greatness onto paper:

 11210162_10152698323291370_2061664851_n11208701_10152698323296370_1868562298_n 11225819_10152698323281370_1822424180_n11118457_10152698323286370_1653389075_n 11225699_10152698323126370_188322382_nThis comic strip is one of the best pieces of creative expression I’ve seen. I might sound biased, but if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t be writing about it.

And, hey, I’m not the only person who appreciates this guys talent. He’s been notice by publications around the city, as he should be; he’s been drawing and creating his original art since the age of 10.

Most recently he had a feature in blogTO as one of the ‘Top 10 Concert Poster Artists in Toronto‘. He created an amazing poster for the music band ‘Garbageface’:


Then, he had this spotlight in ‘Toronto Comic Jam’:

Those are just a few of the places Robb’s work can be seen. If you’re hitting the TCAF make sure you snag a copy of The Lemon Brigade!

I know you’re probably all itching for more so you might as well get social with Robb…

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And definitely here:

You’ll get to know Robb, and his pure artistic aggression toward so many of life’s daily frustrations with everything he posts. He also enjoys a good beer, ripping on terrible music, and obviously spending time with his beautiful wife and baby boy! He’s a cool guy who just happens to be a stellar artist, so show him some love and let’s get comics back on society’s radar!


Toronto’s West End Street Art


Over this long weekend I took a walk in the warm-ish sunshine on Monday evening and snapped a few pictures of the wicked art that lines the tracks, alleys and side streets of Toronto’s West end.


99 Sudbury Street

Canada's largest graffiti production wall. This was completed three years ago. It's a seemingly endless wall alongside the tracks in Parkdale - Sudbury Street. This is a small portion, but my favourite part. The sunset doesn't hurt flaw image either.

Canada’s largest graffiti production wall. This was completed three years ago. It’s a seemingly endless wall alongside the tracks in Parkdale – Sudbury Street. This is a small portion, but my favourite part. The sunset doesn’t hurt flaw image either.

Parkdale alley. Fishies!  Don't fall for beauty; when you're blinded by love you don't notice what's sneaking up right behind you. Watch your back because no one else will do that for you.

Parkdale alley. Fishies!
Don’t fall for beauty; when you’re blinded by love you don’t notice what’s sneaking up right behind you.
Watch your back because no one else will do that for you. Don’t be so fucking doe-eyed.


Alien invasion; they’re just like us, but green.


Rafiki just gets it.


It’s rarely about the brush you hold, but the way in which you use it “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it”


Lion King? Concrete Jungle? Are you feeling lost in the world? Trapped among trees, creatures, and traveling off the beaten path? What do you get from this? For me: Life is a constant jungle, it’s challenging, it confronts you in unexpected way, you don’t know what’s coming at you next, but, hey, the journey is the best adventure. Hakuna Matata!



Some words from the Parkdale dictionary.

Some words from the Parkdale dictionary.

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FamJam Birthday Dinner at Rock Lobster


Dinner at Rock Lobster was lobster-licious!!

Stepping into the cozy confines of Rock Lobster’s Queen West location yesterday evening, to meet my family for dinner, I was pleasantly greeted with an intense, but suiting deep-sea atmosphere. One booth by the window, an average sized bar containing alcohol, as well as lobsters on ice and condiments, flowed into a semi-open kitchen space. Full-length both seating lined the walls on either side of the narrow dining room. A patio could be seen in the back, but it’s not quite patio season here in Toronto!

Seated at a corner table our lovely lobster experience began. Unfortunately, after a long debate with myself, I decided not to order a lobster Ceasar – and even today I sort of regret that. Regardless! I stuck to some local beer choices, Steam Whistle, as did my family. Pursuing the menu, my sister and I decided to split two things. The first was the 3-cheese lobster dip: Nova Scotia lobster, cheddar, cream cheese, ricotta, lemon and herbs with fried chips to pair –dips are always a go-to for me, because they never seem to disappoint and there are so many options! With a slight spicy kick to this dip I was completely satisfied. The second item was, the Lobster Poutine: hand hand cut yukon fries, cheese curds, NS lobster, Matty’s lobster bisque gravy and chives!

dippoutMy mama ordered their famous Rock Lobster Roll, with NS lobster, mayo, lemon, RLFC seasoning, sided with yukon chips and McClure’s pickle.


Roger decided to go with the Lobster Fettuccine with NS lobster, classic Sailor Jerry Rum cream, garlic and tarragon. Unfortunately I didn’t have a taste, but judging my the raving reviews from the rest of my family – I think it was the winning plate last night!


When parents come visit all they want to do is make you eat!!

After a great meal, and a few more pints, I was asked if I wanted dessert – and seeing as this was my early birthday dinner I should have said yes. But, my lack of sweet tooth steered me away from the maple ice dessert option and onto the shots menu – my mom clearly knows me too well. When our server came back I asked her to get the bartender to make me whatever shot he wanted; what I got, was the best shot I’ve ever/never ordered. The shot was called “pickleback” and with my love for pickles I was immediately excited. Starting with shot of straight Jameson, Irish Whiskey it’s followed by a straight shot of pickle juice! I know this isn’t the first I’ve heard of this type of shot, but it was my first time actually taking one. I loved it.


It was the perfect way to spend the evening.


Quick Review:

The Space: Small, but cozy!

The Menu: Again, small, but, great options. Vegetarian options included. Beer menu, and cocktails were on point!

The Staff: Young, friendly, helpful.

Will I go back: Hell yes – that lobster Caesar and back patio are still calling my name.


Recomend it? If you like lobster – you gotta try this place, the claw is supposed to be enticing and encouraging!

Spring Beer Cont’d: Mill St.


Alright, my obsession/experimentation with the beers of Spring continues. Tonight, I discovered Mill St.’s two new, Spring-inspire bottles:

  1. Portage Ale
  2. Spring Thaw Maple Ale


I must admit, I was expecting the 5.3% Maple Ale to be way too sweet, and much too intense. Turns out, it was exactly the right amount of sweet, and after my experience with the candy-like beer of Innis and Gunn, it was a nice change in pace. This ale is made with “lightly smoked malt and maple syrup from Madawaska Valley in Ontario.” It’s quite literally the perfect Canadian, Spring beer. The delightful hint of sweet maple sends a cheerful farewell to the tree-tapping season, and a pleasant embrace to the even sweeter seasonal change. Warmth is upon us, and this beer shouts “bring it on” – and not in a cheer-leader kind of way…

The 5% Portage Ale, is a great light beer. It was first made in Ottawa, at the Mill St. Brewpub, located on an old portage route near the Ottawa River, and the name is now obvious. It’s a “thirst quenching Cream Ale, brewed in soft water, Canadian malt, three varieties of hops and cold aged with lager for incredible smoothness.” The easy-drinking beer of Spring is this.

Mill St. distributes these two ales in a Spring six pack (three of each), and can be found at LCBO’s across the province for $13.65

If that isn’t good enough, I highly encourage a trip to this great city of Toronto to visit Mill St. and indulge in their brewery tour! Located in the distillery district aka one of the great treasures of the 416, it will not disappoint!

Evening Strolls In Toronto


Since the days have gotten longer due to daylight savings springing us ahead; the sunsets and beautiful skylines of Toronto invite me to explore the paths and once snow-covered trails of the city. Yesterday, I escaped my apartment, within 15 minutes, I was at the waterfront near Exhibition Place. The sights I saw really speak for themselves…

Before I ever reached the water, I crossed my first bridge on Dufferin Street, it was an overpass bridge to allow the VIA Rail tracks to pass beneath. This is what I saw:


Continuing down Dufferin, towards Centennial Park, leading into Bandshell Park I was confronted with these bad boys…


This staircase is the foot of a bridge which allows pedestrians to safely cross Lakeshore Blvd. and, holds an extraordinarily beautiful view of the water, (strangely appealing) traffic, and the Exhibition Place turbine.


After the wind had exhausted my exposed facial skin, I retreated, taking the long way home heading east, and circling around towards the north-west end of Toronto/Parkdale.



These images hardly do justice to what I saw on this romantic, solo walk. Nonetheless, it’s a great reminded of why I fall in love with Toronto, every, single, day. No matter how often you walk, or how adventurous you might be, this city is too big, gorgeous, and forever-changing to allow us, Torontonians an ounce of boredom!

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I Love this Stuff



I cannot express to the world my unparallelled love for pizza. It’s a food-artists dream. Anything goes. Creative explodes on the canvas of fresh dough, and there are few occasions where I am able to articulate my true passion for this phenomenal fare. It can be simple and elegant or obnoxious and outrageous, commonly ordinary or badass-style.

Today, I want to tell you about Levetto pizza. I had the honour of dining at the new Toronto location last night: College and Dovercourt. I’m hooked!

The Good Stuff…

Comparable? Not really. It’s definitely no frozen pizza, nothing like a slice you’d grab at a Pizza Pizza, but not quite like a Terroni – wood burning oven slice either… It’s a unique pizza that contains simple sauce, which is exactly the kind of sauce pizza should have. The crust wasn’t too thin, not too thick, it was light, crisp, and cooked to a golden, heavenly finish. Subtle cheese, without overpowering – I could have used more, but I’m also a cheese-lovin’ crazy lady who thinks cheese is the gateway food to eating everything in the house – it goes with EVERYTHING! Just my opinion? I doubt it.. The toppings were cherishable! My pizza-pal and I devoured the following TWO pies:

  1. Soppressata: mild (also available in spicy!), the incomparable crushed tomato sauce, Fior di Latte, and fresh basil – The only thing you need to know about this pizza is that it’s the obvious choice. It’s the elegant, simple, and mouth-pleasing pizza that absolutely everyone will enjoy.10999566_10152579228386370_1185578486992360005_n
  2. Pollo Toscana: all natural chicken breast, tomato pesto, Fior di Latte, red onion, sundried tomato and fresh basil – The unexpected sweetness of this pizza is arousing to the taste buds, and paired with a dash of black pepper the dish needs nothing more.11058657_10152579228431370_2876623819067177237_n

After the glorious meal came to a close, I wouldn’t have ordinarily been persuaded to get a dessert, as my sweet tooth is lacking (and I’d rather have another pizza) I was convinced my sugar-addicted date. When the tiramisu (espresso soaked lady fingers, mascarpone cream, coulis, shaved chocolate) landed in front of me, it didn’t seem like such a bad idea. The espresso made the dish, and the whole TWO bites I had, were pretty magical.10406345_10152579228541370_5099001210695832384_n

When it came to settling the bill, the kind-hearted staff not only brought us the bill, but a complimentary dessert as well! How sweet?! Literally. Although, again, I’d rather have another pizza, but still super nice of them!

The Other Stuff…

The Space: Small, but so cozy! Large windows, drawing in passers by, or, at least intriguing them. Warm colours that compliment the red “Levetto” logo and sign. Completely open concept kitchen, it was great to watch the staff prep and create our (phenomenal)  meal. The wall facing the kitchen had a black chalkboard the cover the majority, with white art chalked on. There was a bar which seated about 10 chairs – front row seats to the kitchen!

The Menu: Again, small, but with great options. Pizza, pasta, salad, dessert – all anyone really needs! Their beverage selection was good, local beer – Steam Whistle, a few generic, easy-drinking, Italian red wines to pair with pizza, pop, water. The only downside to the wine – which we invested in, was that they only sell it by the bottle, not by the glass. Yeah… not the biggest flaw! I’m already over it.

The Staff: Young, friendly, not the pushy, in your face type (which I love). After seating ourselves, you order at the counter and they bring it to you – works for me!

Deliver: Yes

Pick Up/Take Out: Yes

Will I go back: Hell yes!

High: The pizza crust.

Low: It’s local-ish. There are six location, and I love finding the hidden gems of Toronto, but that’s the only lowlight I have. Oh! Maybe more condiments – parmesan, pepper, chili flakes at the table.

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