In publishing this personal blog, I have decided to incorporate professional writing pieces, outlining my knowledge of public relations. The following is a complete collection of my school work, and public relations writing samples from my internship.

Over the past two years I have learned a variety of written communication tools such as press releases, backgrounders, communication plans, feature articles etc. 

Crown Plaza is a client at Duet Public Realtions. I was in charge of creating a map of Toronto filled with city attractiong and approximate distance from the hotel. 

Crowne Plaza (Map) Light 5

I pitched a story of the top 10 ways for NASCAR drivers to stay mentally sharp, and focused both on, and off the track.

This is a story published in June, 2014, during my internship at Duet Public Relations.

The client: Louis-Philippe Dumoulin

Screenshot 2015-03-11 at 11.45.48 AM

(School Work)


University of Guelph-Humber

The University of Guelph-Humber (UGH) was established in 2002. UGH is a hybrid school between the University of Guelph and the Humber College. It’s located in Ontario’s capital, and Canada’s largest city Toronto. It shares the same campus as Humber in Toronto’s west end. UGH offers seven undergraduate programs of Business, Early Childhood, Family & Community Social Services, Justice Studies, Kinesiology, Media Studies, Psychology.

Undergraduate students enrolled at UGH earn two credentials in four years of full time study. They receive a university honours degree from Guelph and a college diploma from Humber. There are also two degree programs, which recognize past work experiences that are available to professionals in Early Childhood and Justice Studies fields who want to earn an undergraduate degree.

 UGH has approximately 3,400 full time students and has an average class size of 48 students. With the small class sizes UGH can considers itself a close knit community. The intimate learning environment assists in a valuable learning experience.

Dr. John Walsh is the Vice-Provost of the UGH, where he is recognized as the Chief Executive and Chief Academic Officer. During his years at the University he has led the expansion of programs and the introduction of new program ideas. Walsh has future plans for UGH, which include developing more graduate programs.

UGH was created with more than $30 million of support from the Ontario SuperBuild program. The school was custom made for the needs of all students. It contains state-of-the-art sound equipment, a photography studio, a resource lab with educational tools for students and an art gallery. Along with many classrooms that seat up to 130 students UGH has many learning commons and study areas around the campus. Some specialities the school offers is the four storey atrium with a living plant wall and an internet cafe that hosts wifi for the entire building.

The school is located at 207 Humber College Blvd, which is located directly beside the Humber Arboretum. The Humber Arboretum consists of botanical gardens and natural areas surrounding the Humber River. The arboretum covers approximately 250 acres of land. It includes over six kilometers of walking trails with a walking time of approximately 2 hours. The trails and gardens are free and accessible to the general public as well as students. This natural environment is a great place for students to unwind and in good weather, a great place to study.

The objective at the UGH is to give students a broad-based university education and to provide them with focused career options. To reach our goal, every course at the University of Guelph-Humber combine academic work with real world applications.

(School Work)

Press Release: 

University of Guelph-Humber eight-storey library now open

TORONTO, Oct. 31, 2013 /CNW/ – The University of Guelph-Humber (UGH) has officially opened the doors to its new $100 million library. Students, staff, faculty and the public are now welcome to use the library’s services, which include multiple Mac computer labs, study rooms, over 2,500 power outlets and wireless internet throughout the building.

The eight-storey library is designed for public access on floors one through three. Students will be permitted to access the public floors, as well as four through eight using their student swipe cards. Specialized librarians and information technologists are assigned to every floor. They will be onsite daily from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.

“UGH’s development division worked really hard to make this facility a reality,” says Vice Provost John Walsh. “With this new addition we have been named North America’s most technologically advanced university by Maclean’s magazine.”

The design of the library was created and built by BK Skinner and Associates to give students a unique study environment. The structure is built from using steel beams and glass for natural light. The interior is decorated with 125 pieces of commissioned art created by students themselves.

“We are Canada’s largest library with 10 million books on our shelves,” says Media Studies Librarian Jennifer Easter. “The library also offers a unique selection on e-books and access to 16 different online databases.”

The library will be open from 6 a.m. until midnight Monday through Sunday.

About UGH

UGH is a new hybrid school in the west Toronto area. The UGH community is made up 3, 400 students, along with an extensive and supportive faculty. Established in 2004, the relatively new school is a dynamic environment for staff, and students. A combination of Guelph and Humber, the students who graduate from one of the seven undergraduate programs, leave with a university honours degree, and a college diploma. The programs include: Media Studies, Business, Early Childhood Education, Kinesiology, Psychology, Family and Community Social Services, and Justice Studies. Using an academic theories approach combined with hands-on applications the university offers a unique and valued experience. All other information about UGH can be viewed at http://www.guelphhumber.ca.




MOBILBE: 647-459-6676

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Media Alert:

Petro Grande Inc. announces plans to build new oil refinery in Dufferin County

ORANGEVILLE, ON. Nov. 13, 2013 /CNW/ – On November 23, Petro Grande Inc. (PG) will be holding a news conference at 9 a.m. CEO of PG Megan Cooper will deliver remarks pertaining to the development of the new oil refinery in Dufferin County. PG Environmental Specialist Ady Floyd will be available for comment at the news conference.

What: Petro Grande News Conference: Plans to build an oil refinery in Dufferin County

 Where: City Hall

           87 Broadway Street

           Orangeville, Ontario

 When: Saturday, November 23, 2013

           9 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.: Opening remarks
9:30 a.m. – 10 a.m.: Question and answer period
10 a.m. – 11 a.m.: Interview opportunities
11 a.m. – 12 a.m.: Community barbeque

Who: CEO of Petro Grande, Megan Cooper
Environmental Specialist Ady Floyd

Photo opportunity:

Miniature replica of the oil refinery – 9:05 a.m.
Map with proposed location – 9:10 a.m.

Interview opportunity:

CEO of Petro Grande Megan Cooper – 10 a.m.

Environmental Specialist Ady Floyd – 10:30 a.m.

About Petro Grande Inc.
PG Inc. is a multinational oil and gas manufacturer, distributer and retailer. Established in 1934, PG opened its first project and has been providing quality products and services on an international scale since. PG operates wells and refineries in more than 35 countries and distributes oil to hundreds of retailers and wholesalers throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe. PG is always committed to achieving a safe and sustainable environment.


For more information contact:
Bill Smith, communications director, Petro Grande Inc.
Phone: 416-441-5648
Email: bill.smith@petrogrande.com

(School Work)

Press Release:

Petro Grande Inc. plans to build an oil refinery in Dufferin County bringing thousands of jobs

ORANGEVILLE, ON. Nov. 13, 2013 /CNW/– Petro Grande Inc. (PG) announces today its plans to build a new oil refinery northwest of Orangeville, ON. The project expects to break ground in May 2014 and be in full operation by the following September.

The construction of the refinery will employ 600 workers. When the refinery is open thousands of job opportunities will become available in the plant. This will be the first PG oil refinery in Ontario to supply billions of gallons of oil to the province’s southwest market.

“We have been working diligently with Dufferin County’s economic development division to make this oil refinery a reality,” says CEO of PG Megan Cooper. “Community benefits will spiral from this project and we expect you all to see strong financial results.”

The oil refinery will be built outside of Dufferin County to reduce the disruption of traffic flow. New trees are being planted in an already existing forest to ensure a more thorough sound barrier between the refinery and the community’s citizens. PG has three environmental specialists on their team who are committed to certify the refinery meets all environmental standards.

“With our devotion to the projects we partake in and the communities we work with, PG has gone 80 years without any environmental misfortunes,” says PG Environmental Specialist Ady Floyd. “By conducting monthly testing during construction and quarter annually during operating we will ensure soil, water, air, and surrounding wildlife is safe.”

PG held an open community press conference on Sat., Nov. 23 to discuss their business plan and connect with community members.

About Petro Grande Inc.

PG is a multinational oil and gas manufacturer, distributer and retailer. Established in 1934, PG opened its first project and has been providing quality products and services on an international scale since. The company operates wells and refineries in more than 35 countries and distributes oil to hundreds of retailers and wholesalers throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe. PG is always committed to achieving a safe and sustainable environment.


For more information contact:
Bill Smith, communications director, Petro Grande Inc.
Phone: 416-441-5648
Email: bill.smith@petrogrande.com

Published on Toronto City Gossip Blog, 2014

Restaurant Review:

Coquine Restaurant

Battling the crisp winds of late April, we arrived at what looked to be a quaint eatery at

2075 Yonge Street. Once we passed under the black and white canopy, we entered an entirely different world at Coquine Restaurant. It felt less like we were in Toronto and more like we had caught a flight to Europe.

Greeted at the door by Luke, general manager, we were escorted through the lively crowd to a back corner table that was softly lit by candles. This provided an intimate setting, well suited for this French Bistro.

David, our waiter was quick to welcome us and give us ample time to soak in the atmosphere and peruse the extensive menu; their options seemed endless.

It wasn’t difficult to choose our appetizers while munching on slices of sesame seed baguette fresh from Petite Thuet (Toronto) with a creamy roasted garlic and bean dip, served gratis.

David informed and unintentionally persuaded us to go for their Poutine ($14) and Soupe Gratinée å l’Oignon ($10); as if we really wanted to say no to mounds of melted cheese. Both dishes have been voted best in Toronto, the poutine won first place at the 2013 Toronto Poutine Festival and the soup has been named Toronto’s best French Onion by Mid-Town Post, two years in a row. If eating famous food doesn’t make the whole experience that much more exciting, what else would? The soup was delicious with a veal stock and thick layer of Gruyere cheese and the poutine with perfectly cooked Yukon potatoes, topped with Brie and Provolone melted in your mouth.

The generous portions of the appies meant wilfully waiting to choose our main course. It was the perfect excuse to slowly (but surely) sip our recommended wine, Pierre Gewurztraminer ($11 for 6 oz.) and Cesari Mara Ripasso ($12 for 6 oz.). Each was the perfect compliment to our palates.

We were fully committed to our main course choices: the special of the evening, pan-seared halibut on a bed of mashed potatoes, sautéed french beans, crispy brussels sprouts and corn salsa ($27). As well as, the Poulet Roti, a roasted 10 oz. chicken breast with lemon herb butter, served with mashed potatoes, french beans, crispy brussels sprouts and roasted garlic ($24).

Still having difficulty appreciating brussels sprouts after your rough relationship through childhood? I guarantee Coquine Restaurant will cure your hesitation.

While waiting for our main course we embraced the atmosphere of this bustling bistro. It was evident people came here to enjoy delicious food and a charming experience with

close friends, family and colleagues. This delightful restaurant has been operating for seven years by owner Rob Prete, formerly of Grazie Ristorante and according to Luke, 70 per cent of the clientele are repeat customers within a kilometer radius.

After somehow devouring each portion that had come to the table, we had no choice but to split a dessert. Obviously we weren’t going to leave without tasting the Pudding Chomeur, ($9) a delectable maple apple cake topped with vanilla gelato. David described it as a traditional Quebecois dessert and the presentation was as elegant as the flavours.

While waiting for our exquisite dessert, Luke surprised us with treat called ‘hot shots,’ expertly layered combinations of coffee, espresso and Kahlua, a must try for coffee lovers.

All in all, our time at Coquine proved to be remarkable. The attentiveness of our waiter and general manager was highly complimented by their expertise in our food and wine choices. We left abundantly satisfied and inspired to share our experience.

(School Work)

Feature Article:

Katie Prud’homme: behind the scenes of a university student

As Katie Prud’homme snow-shoed her way across the frozen, snow-covered lake she reached a small circle of rocks filled with broken tree branches and wood. This fire pit was surrounded by her family and boyfriend. Her father ignited a lighter and using crumpled paper placed under the wood, he set fire to it. This is how Prud’homme spent Feb. 17, 2014: family day.

“I have always loved being outside,” says Prud’homme. “I grew up in a very small town, which encouraged me to use my imagination and explore the great outdoors.”

She is referring to her hometown of Elsmdale, Ont. with a population of 500. It was here that Prud’homme realized her love of nature, animals and humanitarianism. She supports an environmentally-friendly lifestyle and has a strong desire to give animals a voice.

“Even the beauty products I use are not animal tested,” says Prud’homme. “I refuse to support an industry that takes advantage of any creature’s well-being.”

Following this passion for animal protection, she became a vegetarian. This lifestyle choice began as a small bet between her and a friend in high school. They each vowed to rid themselves, for one month, of coffee, or meat. Prud’homme chose meat, while her friend chose coffee. She joked that the day following their bet, her friend had a cup of coffee in his hand. However, this did not discourage Prud’homme and she lasted an entire month without consuming meat.

By the end of one month she sat down in her high school cafeteria ready to enjoy her lunch: chicken parmesan. Somehow, she simply could not bring herself to eat it. From that moment forward she has found a great interest in food.

“Being a vegetarian has really encouraged me to look beyond the traditional food choices I was used to,” says Prud’homme. “I love finding and creating new dishes to keep my meals fun and enjoyable.”

From an early age Prud’homme demonstrates leadership qualities, as she began working when she was quite young. Since she was about 12 years old she has always kept herself busy. Her first job was at Wave Farms in Huntsville, Ont. where her and her brother both worked during a summer. She picked berries, planted seeds and weeded.

“My brother is two years younger than me and he still seemed to do more work,” says Prudhomme. “I would be picking berries not working too hard, while my 10 year old brother was carrying buckets and lifting equipment that weighed more than him!”

She and her brother have always been close. Even through the sibling rivalry, which she insists everyone who grows up with a brother or sister can relate to. She considers Isaac her best friend.

When she was 19 and Isaac was 17 they both worked as camp counselors at a government funded camp in their community. Prud’homme insists it was one of her favourite jobs. She remembers the summer well, and has countless stories from the experience.

“One summer Isaac and I decided to build two quinsies,” says Prud’homme. “They are basically forts made out of fallen down trees. We were able to convince the camp coordinators to let Isaac and I take a few kids on an overnight camping trip. It was amazing; we had a bonfire, played a ton of games, and listened to the coyotes. The kids were so brave!”

Aside from being adventurous in outdoors, Prud’homme was also a curious student inside the classroom. She attributes a great deal of her self-discovery and career choice to her schooling. It was during her time in high school that she found her hunger for public relations and events.

“I stayed in high school for five years by choice,” says Prud’homme. “I wasn’t ready to leave my drama class after I graduated, and in my fifth year I became the show coordinator. It was through this experience that I knew I possessed the skills to become a successful event coordinator.”

Pursuing this passion Prud’homme attends the University of Guelph-Humber enrolled in the media studies program, specializing in public relations. The connection she made with her high school drama teacher has landed her an internship just outside of New York City in the summer of 2014. She will be the event coordinator for Kembell Inn.

With the excitement of a new opportunity and a new city Prud’homme looks to the future with great optimism. She is determined to excel in her internship and learn from industry experience.

Participation and involvement have always proven to her that hands-on experience is an essential part of growing and learning. Although she is sad to leave her friends and family in Ontario for the summer, this opportunity could not be passed up.

(School Work)

Communications Plan:

Situation analysis:

The Sunshine Café is an established coffee shop franchise in Ottawa, Ontario. The CEO has plans to bring the Sunshine Café to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The café caters to the young-adult generation of college and university students. It understands the importance of great coffee at low prices. Locations will be opening for student convenience. It is important to make the college-community aware of the new cafe.

A recent survey conducted by Sunshine Café has concluded that students of the GTA obtain coffee beverages directly before classes, and during study sessions. Therefore, the cafes will be located directly on campus or within a five minute walking distance. In the next year Sunshine Café will open seven locations in the GTA. All locations will be near colleges or universities such as: Ryerson University, University of Toronto, George Brown College, Seneca College, Humber College North and Lakeshore, and Lambton College.

The goal is a success launch in Toronto.


College and University students and staff/faculty in the GTA

General public in the GTA

Employees of Sunshine Cafe

Part-time, and full-time job seekers in the GTA


Create brand awareness among staff and students within college/university communities.

Become selected as the “Best New Coffee Bar in the area” by the local magazine DineTO.

Increase walk-in business in all of the new cafes.

Strategies and tactics

Key messages:

For the past decade, Sunshine Café has been a customer-oriented business in Ottawa and is eager to build long-lasting trusting relationships in the GTA community.

Committed to producing the best product for great prices.

We guarantee customer-satisfaction and an enjoyable-experience.

Objective 1: Increase awareness of the new café by 20 per cent in the first four months

Strategy 1) Use media exposure to inform the public


Press releases: four press releases will be distributed within the next six months announcing the grand openings of the Sunshine Café and highlight its appeal to college/university students. The releases will be sent to dineTO, TorontoStar, and all college/university papers in the GTA (example, Humber et Cetera)

Pitch to local radio stations by stopping by in the morning with samples of coffee for them to taste and possibly mention on air.

An exclusive interview with President of Sunshine Café Kellie Gates will be offered and pitched to dineTO, TorontoStar.

Pitch a media advisory to each schools media relations representative to be mentioned in the weekly/bi-weekly schools emails. The emails reach every student in the school and will be a good way to spread the news.

Strategy 2) Use a direct marketing tactic


Put up posters with the name of the café, and slogan, as well as the nearest location should be placed in colleges and universities across the GTA.

A booth/kiosk will be set up within each school during orientation week and frosh week. Students will have the opportunity to taste the coffee and interact with their employees.

Social media release: an enriched media release will be sent to CNW and contain links to Sunshine Café’s personal website as well as their Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter account to follow their latest posts, and updates. These updates will specific tweets, statuses and images to virtually keep track of each café’s progress and important dates. Tweets will also be formatted to ensure that there is a connection from the Sunshine Cafes account and each schools Twitter account to ensure awareness.

Objective 2) Have 500 new customers in the first month at each location.

Strategy 1) Create incentive contests with promotional offers


Have a contest generated to the post-secondary population. Offer bursary or scholarships from the café by entering a code that is printed under the lid of each coffee.

Have giveaways with prizes (laptops, loaded coffee cards, etc.) that students can enter each time they visit a Sunshine Café location.

Distribute coffee stamp cards to student housing and residences on campus. The cards will allow students to get a stamp each time they purchase a coffee and every tenth coffee will be free. The card will have the contact info (social media) and locations on the back. This will create awareness for students and give them a reason to try the new café.

Objective 3) Become voted Toronto’s favorite café among post-secondary students.

Strategy 1) Host in store events


Host a coffee house where local talent such as musicians, poets, and actors can perform in the café. This can be promoted by putting posters in the school, and using Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.

Host a seasonal gathering at the café for students, if the opening is in October host a Halloween or thanksgiving related social gathering. This can again be promoted with posters, and social media.

Choose one day to hold a fundraising campaign, where you promote that 10 per cent of the sales on a specific day will be donated to a local charity. Send out a press release to the TorontoStar, CNW, and the media relations rep of each school in the café’s proximity.

Strategy 2) Use social media


Host Twitter chats that allow students to send in their thoughts and experiences based on the café. This will allow the students to feel useful and have an opinion. Thank customers personally using their Twitter handles and Facebook names to give recognition.

Use Facebook as a space to post a daily questions, inquire with students, and maintain good relationships over the social network.

Instgram to promote images of the café, the fun activities, follow the people who follow Sunshine Café and ensure that social interaction is made.


Press Release – $400.00

Coffee for radio stations – $100.00

Posters – $600.00

Booths set up at schools – $500.00

Social media release – $200.00

Bursary contest – $1,000.00/store = $5,000.00

Giveaways – $1,000.00/store = $5,000.00

Media advisory – $300.00

Coffee cards/direct-marketing – $15, 000.00

Coffee house (posters, stage, microphone, lights) – $1,000.00/store = $5,000.00

Seasonal gatherings (decorations) – $600.00/store = $3,000.00

Social media – Free


$35, 100.00


Measurement of the three objectives will be:

Objective 1: Increase awareness of the new café by 20 per cent in the first four months.

Keep track of the number of new followers on Twitter since the opening. Keep track of new Facebook page “likes” since the new openings.

Keep a newspaper clipping achieve of mentions and stories.

Listen to the local radios each morning when coffee was delivered to hear disc-jockeys mention Sunshine Cafe.

Objective 2: Have 500 customers at each location the first month of opening.

A web site survey will be distributed to ascertain the amount of awareness generated by this campaign, etc.

Keep track of how many people are entering the incentive contests.

Objective 3: Become voted Toronto’s favorite coffee shop among post-secondary students.

Put out a poll on both Twitter and Facebook. Ask them what their favorite café is near their school and give multiple choice answers.

Keep track of how many people are attending the events by having a guest sign in book. Comprise a set-list for the evening’s event of performers.

Blog entry published on Mariposa Cruise website:

The perfect birthday brunch aboard Mariposa’s Showboat

On July 5, 2014 the cloudless sky and hot summer sun made the perfect setting for a day on Toronto’s waterfront. It was 2 days before my mom’s birthday and I decided to take her on a brunch cruise around Lake Ontario. She was so excited to be back in Toronto (as she lived there when she was a teenager). She reminisced about living on one of Toronto’s islands called Centre Island and taking a water taxi almost daily. The happy memories made this the perfect birthday gift for her!

I had never been on a cruise around Toronto, in fact I hadn’t been a boat like this since I was a child and my grandmother had taken me on a cruise around Gananoque – 1,000 Islands. I was just as excited as my mom, to say the least. At 11:30 am we boarded the Showboat Royal Grace vessel and our adventure began!

We were given table numbers and ours was #2, just perfect for two people! As we stepped into the spacious dining room on the lower level of the ship we noticed that a variety of passengers were on board with us. There were a few families with young children, a few couples and a large group in the middle celebrating one womans 75th birthday! It was really adorable, and hey, they had the same idea for a gift as I did!

The spacious dining room was covered, with windows on all sides and 4 doors to exit, 2 at the front and 2 at the rear. Our adorable server, Laura made it a welcoming experience as she outlined the safety precautions and introduced herself to each table individually. She also explained to us the bar options they had (yes, a birthday brunch does call for a celebratory drink), and she made a suggestion that we try the Captain’s Caesar. We are both huge caesar fans so it wasn’t a tough sell. Laura told us it was made with a spiced

vodka, which I didn’t even know existed and she informed us it made the whole drink that much spicier… Deal!

As the ship departed we began our experience with our cruise-inspired beverages and as we gazed admirably out the window, we realized we needed to be outside. So we grabbed our drinks (which were extra hot, but so good by the way!) we moved to the upper level of the Showboat. This level contained a roof but no windows. Instead there was an open concept, with a railing around the perimeter showcasing the beautiful view of Toronto’s skyline! My mom, a photographer was captivated by the view, as were most other members of the cruise. There were tables, chairs and a bar on the second level as well. My mom joked about renting the boat for an after party, clearly she was enjoying it, and didn’t want it to end.

We saw the Toronto Islands and mom chatted to me about the time she had spent there. The waterfront creatures such as swans and playful critters were out and about; as were many tourists and Torontonians. The hustle and bustle of the city became serene and calm on the water. We saw other boats, water taxis and kayakers enjoying this exceptional summer day. We also noticed Porter Airline planes taking off and landing at the Billy Bishop Airport on one of Toronto’s Islands.

After the wind had styled our hair au-natural for us on the upper level we headed back to the dining room for some brunch! At about 12/12:15 the brunch buffet was set up and guests were called to serve themselves. With a wide selection of both cold and hot foods the spread included vegetarian options – which I was personally grateful for as I don’t eat meat. To have a better idea, I might as well list the options.

Cold: garden salad, fresh fruit salad, macaroni salad, one lentil salad and one quinoa raisin salad – which had an absolutely fabulous flavour. It was probably my favourite dish and I

certainly loaded my plate to point where it looked like I was getting food for two people..

Hot: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and they were slicing up fresh roast beef.

They also had a basket of muffins and croissants. At the back of the dining room there was a table set up with coffee, tea and hot chocolate!

My mom was very impressed with the fresh roast beef and she made her way back to the buffet for round 2 on that dish, and some more bacon of course.

After our tasty meal, mom glanced at her phone to check the time, and told me she didn’t want it to ever end. We had over an hour left of the cruise, so when Laura came to check on us and noticed we needed new drinks she suggested a long island iced tea. It seemed appropriate, both our drinks should be cruise-inspired.

With our refreshing iced teas we walked out the dining room and stayed on the lower level where the sun shone down on us. We couldn’t get enough of the beautiful Toronto skyline. We laughed and joked together and mom posed as if she were Rose on the Titanic. We finished our drinks on the upper level and as we made our way back to the dining room we noticed that we were getting close to the docks.

The cruise certainly flew by! But it was such a fun experience to share with my mom and she had a blast! We met her boyfriend Roger after the cruise as we walked the boardwalk, and he said we should look into dinner cruises. Mom was excited and definitely on board with that idea! After grabbing a Mariposa flyer we headed for Roger’s car as mom explained the whole cruise to him.

Needless to say, if you’re looking to take a cruise around Toronto, I would highly recommend Mariposa. Not only for brunch, but with their six vessels and multiple cruise options, they’ll surely be able to accommodate for anyones needs!

(School Work)


Employee health and well-being

Sunshine Café (SC) is committed to ensuring the health of our employees. Within our company we offer each employee equal health benefits. We encourage employees to lead active and healthy life styles that reflect our company.

SC promotes healthy active lifestyles by supplying 70 per cent off gym memberships to Good Life Fitness centres at a location of convenience to each employee. Being physically active is an important aspect of maintaining a balanced life. Physical activity will enhance your mood; boost energy while fighting diseases and health conditions.

“At SC we offer more than just gym memberships,” says Vice President of Human Resources Jane Doe. “The memberships include access to many classes such as yoga, zumba and kickboxing.”

In addition to physical activity, maintaining healthy eating habits can improve longevity and overall attitude. We want our employees to be aware of the upcoming seminars we have planned to practice healthy eating and diet plans. Returning Health Physical Thomas Grant will lead the diet seminars. New this year we will be offering a seminar to help employees who wish to quit smoking. This seminar will be hosted by Dr. Ross Green, a specialist at the Ontario’s Nicotine Treatment Facility.

“My research has concluded that 20 per cent of smokers who attend one seminar will be smoke-free in 12 months,” says Green. “The per cent increases when they attend two or more.”

The seminars will take place in our head office at 123 Bay St. Toronto. We encourage all employees to sign up by Nov. 20, 2013 and the seminars are as follows:

Healthy Eating and Diet Plans:

Nov. 29, 2013

Dec. 3, 2013

Quit Smoking:

Nov. 27, 2013

Dec. 5, 2013

Avoiding common colds and flus can be difficult but simple precautions can be taken to prevent these illnesses. One of the most important protection is frequent hand washing. We would like employees to note that hand sanitization stations are located throughout our office buildings, in our shipping trucks, and throughout each SC shop. This will prevent the spread of any harmful germs.

Getting the right amount of sleep is can also aid in eluding colds and flus. Employees should feel energized and rejuvenated each day. The average adult is required to have eight to ten hours of sleep per night. Without the proper amount of sleep employees are less productive and alert.

Dehydration can take be extremely damaging to the body. It will negatively affect your overall immune health by inducing headaches, weakness, and fatigue. At all SC shops and offices we have water enhancers to add flavour and vitamins to your water. These vitamins include A, B, D and E. These specifically listed vitamins are an essential part of maintain the immune system, to fight illness.

As previously mentioned, healthy eating is crucial to happy and healthy employees. SC will be embracing a new line of organic herbal tea that employees are welcome to consume (two teas per shift). We have also begun serving fresh fruit, including in house prepared yogurt parfaits, and a new line of organic soups. All of these new food products will be available at an 80 per cent discount to employees.

“With the new health-conscious products each employee is encouraged to sample and snack on the items,” Says Doe. “We have implemented a new reward system that employees who are noticed making healthy eating choices on shift, will be entered into a franchise-wide draw to win a bonus at the end of each month.”

Reminder to all employees, that SC offers annual health insurance. These benefits include discounted medicine before and during illnesses. Pre-illness precautions can include discounts on: vitamin supplements and pills. During an illness the insurance will depend on the symptoms and severity. Physical injuries and dental care is also included in the insurance.

During shifts, it is important that employees are practicing safety procedures in all areas of the company. When completing stock, lifting heavy objects or completing kitchen tasks we urge employees to use the safety charts around the store and offices. These charts will give you step-by-step instructions on how to safely and effectively complete tasks. In all SC shops food sanitation and chemical use have their own separate charts and guidelines of use. If you don’t understand any of the charts, don’t hesitate to ask a supervisor or store manager. All injuries that occur must be reported and properly taken care of in a timely fashion. This will ensure the safety of every employee and allow management to make improvements on procedures and equipment.

At SC we consider stress to be an illness which can affect employees both on and off the job. In order to reduce stress SC is committed to giving employees reasonable breaks while on the job. When employees work five consecutive hours they are entitled to a 30 minute break. Six or seven hour shifts will entitle employees to an additional ten minutes. Eight hour shifts will entitle employees to an additional fifteen minutes.

“SC does not encourage overtime working,” Says Doe. “All employees should leave work after a maximum of eight hours.”

Employees are always welcome to stop by, email, or call the human resources team for any specific inquiries

(School Work)

Company Research:

Hot News Story: Company/Media Research


Porter Airlines, an airline company that operates out of the Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island has been in the media for the past four months. The airline has drawn up plans to extend their current runway, in addition to the purchase of newer, quieter jets. The first plan is asking to add 168 meters on either side of the runway. The second plan is asking for 200 meters on either side of the runway. The airline wants the extension for the new jets to perform safe take-offs and landings as they are larger vessels than the current ones used at the island airport. (Canadian Press)

The airline is facing a few challenges with getting approval to build the runway. Concern is mainly from surrounding citizens and the boating community. The harbour front is a cherished piece of water to many Torontonians and they do not what the extension to interfere with the lake. Pollution has come into question with the construction of the new runway, and concern based on the new jets fuel usage.

Porter Airlines faces an organization called, NOjetsTO, while trying to pursue the purchase of the new CS100 jets and the runway extension. NojetsTO is an organization dedicated to maintaining Toronto’s waterfront and promoting environmentally friendly objectives. This specific group has created a Facebook page, used Twitter and has spoken directly to media outlets. For example the founder of NOjetsTO was interviewed on a televised newscast regarding Porter Airlines, and quotes from this organization have appeared in numerous written articles online and in printed newspapers. (NOjetsTO)

Another obstacle faced by Porter, is a contract they signed, stating a jet ban was in place for the island airport. Porter has appealed this jet ban only for CS100 whisper jet, asking for the approval, and guaranteeing that no other jets will fly from the airport.


When pitching this story, the media relations specialists would use economy to promote the story in a positive light. Porter, will be adding new destinations to their currently offered list. By bringing in the larger jets, which have better fuel efficiency, destinations such as Los Angeles, Winnipeg and the Caribbean would be available. New destinations are a positive way to promote this story to journalists, intrigue new tourism, and help local surrounding businesses and shops. (Porter)

In an interview is available on a Billy Bishop YouTube video channel with CEO and president, of Porter Airlines, Robert Deluce. He gave a personable and enlightening ten minute one on one interview session. He answered all questions addressed by the host of the channel and mentioned the benefits for the extension, and new jets. The benefits included the addition 1,000 jobs that will become available after the extension is approved. Deluce added that “just under a year ago a third party economic impact study by investors was completed that spoke to additional two billion dollars of economic impact, clearly another thousand jobs…” (Billy) New jobs are a great benefit for the economy and it is an important aspect of this story for the media to be aware of, and report upon.

The larger jets will allow additional destinations offered by the airline. This would be convenient for citizens in the proximity; allowing shorter commute to the airport on the island instead of the longer venture to Pearson Airport, and visa versa for people flying to Toronto. In this aspect media relations would use convenience as a way to gain positive buzz. Another way to look at convenience is the new “quiet” jets and runway extension will reduce noise for people living in the surrounding area. Porter says the jets will be four times quieter than the current aircrafts operating out of Billy Bishop Airport. By extending the runway the jets will require less power (meaning less noise) for take-offs. (Billy)

 Using proximity to pitch the story to the local stations would be extremely important to ensure support from the local area. It would also be important for people outside of Toronto to know what is happening because the aircrafts would be flying to several different locations around the world. This also adds the aspect of significance that media relations can use to pitch the story – it will affect so many people both in and out of Toronto. (Agenda)

Porter Airlines has been available for reporters to talk to and inquire, about the future of the island airport. The CEO, Robert Deluce, has been around through the entire announcement, and expansion proposal. The company has used facts, statistics, and numbers to discuss the jets, and the extension on an educated level.


When the initial announcement was made at a city council meeting in April 2013, representatives from Porter were able to voice the announcement while it was being televised. Along with speakers for Porter, the announcement was made by CEO, Robert Deluce. He discussed a brief history of the Airline, and, the benefits of the new jets. Deluce also mentioned on a patriotic note, that the jets are built in Canada, which is a positive spin to gain support from citizens. During this announcement, Deluce revealed a demonstration model of the jet cabin that appeared on a stage behind him in the video shown by CP 24. Porter would have had to reach out to the press and ensure that the announcement would be broadcast to the public. This ensures that Porter is not hiding their intentions, and are happy with the future goals. (Kitching)

Porter Airlines let out a press release on 3 September 2013, by Brad Cicero, of Porter Airlines. The press release addressed the runway extension, and the purchase of new jets. Within the press release there are dollar amounts to help the public better understand the money being put in to the airport. There is also a list of the benefits, for the airline, for travelers and for Torontonians. (Cicero)

Social media such as twitter is used to make short comments about the extension, asking people’s opinions and sharing links to news articles. This is an easy way to get the public’s attention, and make it personable by tweeting people back and addressing the situation directly. For example Porter Tweeted: “@KenPanton @Bombardier_Aero Total game changer! We hope to add the #CS100 to our fleet in 2016. Have you heard about” they also added a link their website porterplanes.com. (Tweet) This is only one of many tweets published by Porter Airlines Twitter Account. Many tweets are regarding the new jets and the runway extension. The tweets are often accompanied by links for the public to further educate them on Porter’s plans. (Airlines)

The YouTube channel dedicated to Billy Bishop Airport is significant and with the ten minute video interview, with Robert Deluce. The host of the interview asks important questions which, Deluce, answers with knowledge and ease. (Billy)

Porter Airlines has also created a web site that keeps a tally of the people who support the purchase of the new jets. As well, they use a play on words by saying “this many people” (a specific and accurate number) are “on board” as in on board an airplane, but in this sense the voters are metaphorically on board with the new jets. The title of the site is “change is in the air” yet another play on words with relation to airplanes. The website is an easy access point to assist journalists with accurate facts straight from the airline. (Porter)

Key Messages

The extension will not disrupt enjoyment of the lake, nor will it encroach upon the surrounding boating community. CEO Deluce says “Our objective has always been to design a runway that does not change the enjoyment of Lake Ontario by Torontonians, including the boating community. The buoy that boats navigate around when passing through the Western Gap does not move, so there is no material change to access.” (Cicero)

The noise will be reduced in the airport, as the runway extension will “help cushion and reduce airplane noise”. (Shupac) The longer runway will allow less power used in the take-off of jets, meaning that less noise will be released from the aircrafts. (Cicero)

The new jets will boost economic development and tourism. Along with the jets and longer runway Porter Airlines will now be able to offer new destinations, which will bring in more tourists and visitors. Porter also says lower fares due to the jets fuel efficiency.

These three key messages provided by Port Airlines have been, and are being, addressed. They are outlined in the press release that was launched on 3 September, 2013. They are mentioned in interviews with CEO and president of Porter Airlines. They have been covered in news stories by various journalists. The key messages constructed by Porter Airlines were successfully communicated to the public. (Cicero)

Another way that Porter has reached out to reporters is using magazines specific to their audience. Porter contacted aircraft magazines, and online publications such as, Wings which published two articles recently describing the Porter Airline runway extension, and the new jets to promote their story. (The Canadian Press)


The media coverage surrounding Porter Airlines has been very mixed between positive and negative. Interviews conducted have proven that people are either very for, or very against the runway expansion and jet purchases. The Finical Post published an article in April headlining “‘Time to spread our wings’: Porter Airlines unveils ambitious plan to buy CSeries jets, fly farther” by Scott Deveau. The article outlined the cost of the new jets and the benefits they will bring. One major benegfit outlined was new destinations that would be offered with the new jets. The CEO of Porter Airlines was also quoted in the article saying “It’s now time to spread our wings and look at some destinations that are little further out”. (Deveau)

Other headlines that ran tended to have a negative tone, for example: “Toronto Island Airport Dilemma” was the title of a video posted in YouTube called, The Agenda. (Agenda) Having the word dilemma in the title indicates a negative tone. In many stories, printed in newspapers and aired on television, the negativity seems to follow the story. Porter has been very transparent for this story; however, it still leaves citizens skeptical. The Toronto Star ran a story outlining the first general public consultation, where many participants walked out apparently disgusted with Porter’s extension plans. (Lu) What Porter did, was make their CEO available and approachable. Deluce, answered many inquiries and was available when the public, and reporters wanted answers.

The airline’s website created for the jet purchase was a piece of positive media, created by the airline, for the airline. Using a play on words, vibrant colours, videos, and extensive information it was one of the strongest pieces of media supporting the purchase of the jets

One of the biggest downfalls viewed through the media coverage is people have a concern for the waterfront. One of the airlines opponents, NOjetsTO, is making it important for Porter to continuously reinforce their key message; that there will be no threat to the boating community or material waterfront interference. As Deluce as mentioned in several interviews, the waterfront is part of his main focus, and has no plans to disrupt it.

Porter Airlines has a long way to go with their plans. Transit proposals take years to approve and refine. This proposal was suggested in April 2013, and will still be in the media’s eye until a verdict can be reached by the city of Toronto.


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