HiM:MAN at Uniun Nightclub


Saturday night was a new experience for me – watching a choreographed dance performance, by practically naked men, under sporadic flashes of rainbow lights, and a slight intoxication of weak nightclub drinks.

I was invited to the first ever HiM Promotions Event, by one of my girlfriends, Stephanie! Neither of us really knew what to expect, but she told me the event description was: a combination of Magic Mike and 50 Shades of Grey. I’ve never seen 50 Shades, nor read the book, but I get the gist, and Magic Mike didn’t leave me filled with a desireย to go to a male strip club. I’ve been to female strip clubs and the atmosphere is fun, upbeat, party-esque and I assumed the same would be for a male establishment of the same sorts. However, what stopped me from ever going was probably the idea men have much larger egos than women – slightly judgmental, I know.

After going through the traditional female pre-party rituals of girl talk, drinks, and ripping apart my entire closet, we arrived at Uniun by about 8 pm. It seemed early, but the show started at 9 and we warmly welcomed by handsome, fit, kind men who ushered us in and proceeded to take pictures with each guest. At Uniun, the two-level dance club we found ourselves in the basement level, with countless other women. Chatter and excitement could be felt in every inch of the room, as the beautiful men circulated, shared drinks, and conversation with the guests.

At 9 we made our way upstairs and the show began. Lights flashed and a slideshow revealed the performers, with images of them wearing just jeans, or boxershorts.

Then, it happened, the music played – loud, screams arose from the crowd, and I think every single lady in that club had a permanent grin across their face. My pictures, and videos didn’t turn out that great, but, I was slightly distracted! Here are a few shots that I took, but if you’re interested there is plenty more pictures and videos on their facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/himpromotions?fref=ts

11139516_10152651172661370_269240454_n 10726550_10152651172646370_285960638_n 11158125_10152651172636370_1667860779_n 11158014_10152651172606370_1137391847_n

What I'm hold here is an axe-soaked muscle shirt which was ripped off, thrown into the crowd and landed on me.  Sweet..

What I’m hold here is an axe-soaked muscle shirt which was ripped off, thrown into the crowd and landed on me.

It was a fairly charming experience, the men had some stellar choreographed moves – I mean these men knew how to dance, and dance well. They had a performance, which they wore nothing but a towel, a striptease taking off their military-like attire, and during one performance they even gave a few lucky ladies from lap dance, blindfolded them, and tied their hands together with their neckties. They really covered a majority of the female fantasies – kudos.

After the show which was about 2 hours, maybe a bit less, the club resumed usual DJing and dancing. The men of HiM stuck around of course and were having a couple drinks themselves.

Event High:

The men were incredibly genuine. The way they proceeded to interact with the crowd, and hold conversations after the show, it blew my mind. I’m also not complaining about the torn up tank top I got..

Event Lows:

In one room of the lower level, of Uniun, there was a pop-up hair salon, beauty parlour that was open for anyone who felt the need to get pampered – that was really strange to me. HiM takes pride in their range of men, and, it’s fair, they have the bad boy, boy-next-door, suited-up business man, sexy-beard/man-bun, tattooed, all that good stuff, but I can’t help but be a little disappointed in their race/ethnic diversity. All the men we saw were caucasian. This was the first event of its kind, and with hopes to continue these events in Toronto, I’d broaden the line-up of men on the team – but, that’s just my own opinion. It was an otherwise fabulous night.

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