My Pants for Summer


My amazing mama has a style like noneother. She rocks a hippie-inspired wardrobe with bold colours, or straight black outfits. In her mind cowboy boots go with everything – and to be fair, she totally pulls it off. I didn’t always understand my moms outfit choices, but who am I to judge? I have no true fashion sense, but, since moving to Toronto, which happens to be where my mom lived for most of her adult life, I’ve realized that fashion is infinite.

If my mom had bought me clothing about five years ago, I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it, but today I’d gladly take fashion advice from her!

Her most recent visit to Toronto lead to her wander the streets, and, as she did, she came across a store called Rock World. It’s basically a smoke shop; selling anything and everything really. It was here, that my mama was able to snag me these wicked pants:


They’re super comfy, and the sweet elephant pattern really captured my heart. Semi-tight at the top with a crinkled elastic band, ballooning out in parachute style and then grabbing my ankles – I’ve never owned anything similar. They even have two pockets on the front, just above my knees, because, why not?! The material is ultra thin, making them the perfect pant for summer!

Paired with flats, and a crop top, I’ve already imaged my evening strolls, patio drinks, lounging by the pool, and attending concerts in these pants! Well done mama!! I think she should shop for me more often..

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