FamJam Birthday Dinner at Rock Lobster


Dinner at Rock Lobster was lobster-licious!!

Stepping into the cozy confines of Rock Lobster’s Queen West location yesterday evening, to meet my family for dinner, I was pleasantly greeted with an intense, but suiting deep-sea atmosphere. One booth by the window, an average sized bar containing alcohol, as well as lobsters on ice and condiments, flowed into a semi-open kitchen space. Full-length both seating lined the walls on either side of the narrow dining room. A patio could be seen in the back, but it’s not quite patio season here in Toronto!

Seated at a corner table our lovely lobster experience began. Unfortunately, after a long debate with myself, I decided not to order a lobster Ceasar – and even today I sort of regret that. Regardless! I stuck to some local beer choices, Steam Whistle, as did my family. Pursuing the menu, my sister and I decided to split two things. The first was the 3-cheese lobster dip: Nova Scotia lobster, cheddar, cream cheese, ricotta, lemon and herbs with fried chips to pair –dips are always a go-to for me, because they never seem to disappoint and there are so many options! With a slight spicy kick to this dip I was completely satisfied. The second item was, the Lobster Poutine: hand hand cut yukon fries, cheese curds, NS lobster, Matty’s lobster bisque gravy and chives!

dippoutMy mama ordered their famous Rock Lobster Roll, with NS lobster, mayo, lemon, RLFC seasoning, sided with yukon chips and McClure’s pickle.


Roger decided to go with the Lobster Fettuccine with NS lobster, classic Sailor Jerry Rum cream, garlic and tarragon. Unfortunately I didn’t have a taste, but judging my the raving reviews from the rest of my family – I think it was the winning plate last night!


When parents come visit all they want to do is make you eat!!

After a great meal, and a few more pints, I was asked if I wanted dessert – and seeing as this was my early birthday dinner I should have said yes. But, my lack of sweet tooth steered me away from the maple ice dessert option and onto the shots menu – my mom clearly knows me too well. When our server came back I asked her to get the bartender to make me whatever shot he wanted; what I got, was the best shot I’ve ever/never ordered. The shot was called “pickleback” and with my love for pickles I was immediately excited. Starting with shot of straight Jameson, Irish Whiskey it’s followed by a straight shot of pickle juice! I know this isn’t the first I’ve heard of this type of shot, but it was my first time actually taking one. I loved it.


It was the perfect way to spend the evening.


Quick Review:

The Space: Small, but cozy!

The Menu: Again, small, but, great options. Vegetarian options included. Beer menu, and cocktails were on point!

The Staff: Young, friendly, helpful.

Will I go back: Hell yes – that lobster Caesar and back patio are still calling my name.


Recomend it? If you like lobster – you gotta try this place, the claw is supposed to be enticing and encouraging!


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