It’s Back! Amsterdam Framboise is now available


It may have snowed in Toronto last night, but I was in a summer state of mind sipping on a Framboise. It was my first time trying this “strong beer” and it wasn’t what I expected. I find Amsterdam brews beer with a distinctly and obvious taste of ale, hops, IPA – or the like. This beer was different: tart, but sweet and less of a beer-experience, more of a spritzer sensation met my taste buds.

Even those who aren’t drawn to beers as their usual drink of choice, Framboise can appeal to a massive audience of beer enthusiasts, dabblers in coolers, and those searching for a summer refreshment above all others. The bright, welcoming packaging is marketing win for the seasonal approach, and it is, after all, brewed only once a year – for the past 23 years, so…. You get it. Get it.


When poured, you see the real ruby red colour, white foamy head and a slight pink hue. It has a light-medium body with carbonation of almost champagne-like fizz.


Brewed in small batches by Amsterdam brewery, with real Canadian raspberries this 6.5% strong beer is the one to try. Without infusing too much sweetness, but rather surging a tartness into the beer, it brings a burst of raspberry and a hint of ale.

“Using an old world recipe, our brewmaster handcrafted this wondrous beer by blending Belgian wheat malt with real Canadian raspberries. In fact six pounds of raspberries go into making every case, resulting in an abundantly obvious ruby red beer with a crisp fruit flavour.”

With relation to my last post of the Shock Top Raspberry White, they’re are some definitely differences, it seems that raspberry beer will be the summer blend to watch out for this year!


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