Shock Top: Berry Meets Beer


As berry season is fast approaching us here in North America, I think it’s important to look at what happens when berry meets beer!

This post is dedicated to the one, and only, amazing, Shock Top beer. The traditional, Belgian Style White Ale is a year-round wheat beer. It’s brewed with coriander, orange, lemon and lime peel with barley and wheat. At 5.2% alcohol content, it’s top five on my list of favourite brews. Once Spring and Summer vibes emerge in Canada, so does Shock Top’s seasonal beers – retail speaking!

Most recently hitting the LCBO shelves is the glorious, Shock Top Raspberry White. A 5.2% White ale, with natural raspberry flavour, wheat and barley – it’s a must have, and a great welcome to warmer weather!


Shock Top Raspberry White & Shock Top Belgian White

An instant nose of raspberry is inhaled. This sweet aroma is nothing like a candy-infused, stomach ache waiting to happen; it’s pleasant, and refreshing, bringing an natural brightness, crisp flavour twist, and smooth finish to an already delicious beer. No, I’m not getting paid to rave about this, but, in my opinion, it’s something worth raving about. Although, it’s brewed year-round, it doesn’t exist at my disposal, so I take full advantage of seasonal opportunity – you should too!

More great things to try from Shock Top:

  • Traditional Belgian White
  • Honeycrisp Apple Wheat
  • Honey Bourbon Wheat
  • Lemon Shandy (Seasonal)
  • Pumpkin Wheat (Seasonal)
  • Shockolate Wheat (Seasonal)
  • Twisted Pretzel Wheat (Limited Edition)
  • Spiced Banana Wheat (Limited Edition)

Not into that? Okay, let’s stick to raspberry, because, berry and beer – it just works! I’m patiently awaiting for the Kawartha Lakes Brewing Co. to start stocking their raspberry wheat beer on the LCBO shelves. However, it’s currently available at the Amsterdam Brewery! I’m advised that the wait time is about two weeks, but, rest-assured, when it’s at the LCBO, I’ll indulge you all in another berry-beer review!

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If this didn’t make you want to try Shock Top, I’d strongly advise you to watch these great, interactive, sarcastically tasty ads provided by Shock Top:


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