These boots are NOT made for walkin’


Shoes are so important; they complete outfits, make statements, protect your feet, allow unparalleled comfort (or pain – sorry, were stilettos really necessary…?) but the shoe game is about to change. In my opinion, this is a mild, yet humorous and entertaining hiccup in the footwear industry. But, please have a look at the newest and oh-so-fancy ways shoe evolution is benefiting our society.

Shoe selfie: Because taking a selfie with your arm isn’t working.. Yes, it’s a thing, maybe? I can’t decide if this is a joke, or a real and true, awkward new way to make your leg a selfie stick.. The video is all you need, please watch. Embrace it, and take with it what you will…

Again, no need to use your arms/hands when you can simply clean with your feet. Spill something? Fear not, you don’t have to bend over to clean it! Using these splendid tools, ot rather, shoe accessories your life has been simplified. Note sarcasm all over this post**

Today, I was completely caught off-guard when I saw these images. It’s worth a laugh, but, if anyone can ease my mind and ensure this is one massive Aprils Fools joke, let me know!!

Posted with love, Ady


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