Spring Beer Cont’d: Mill St.


Alright, my obsession/experimentation with the beers of Spring continues. Tonight, I discovered Mill St.’s two new, Spring-inspire bottles:

  1. Portage Ale
  2. Spring Thaw Maple Ale


I must admit, I was expecting the 5.3% Maple Ale to be way too sweet, and much too intense. Turns out, it was exactly the right amount of sweet, and after my experience with the candy-like beer of Innis and Gunn, it was a nice change in pace. This ale is made with “lightly smoked malt and maple syrup from Madawaska Valley in Ontario.” It’s quite literally the perfect Canadian, Spring beer. The delightful hint of sweet maple sends a cheerful farewell to the tree-tapping season, and a pleasant embrace to the even sweeter seasonal change. Warmth is upon us, and this beer shouts “bring it on” – and not in a cheer-leader kind of way…

The 5% Portage Ale, is a great light beer. It was first made in Ottawa, at the Mill St. Brewpub, located on an old portage route near the Ottawa River, and the name is now obvious. It’s a “thirst quenching Cream Ale, brewed in soft water, Canadian malt, three varieties of hops and cold aged with lager for incredible smoothness.” The easy-drinking beer of Spring is this.

Mill St. distributes these two ales in a Spring six pack (three of each), and can be found at LCBO’s across the province for $13.65

If that isn’t good enough, I highly encourage a trip to this great city of Toronto to visit Mill St. and indulge in their brewery tour! Located in the distillery district aka one of the great treasures of the 416, it will not disappoint!


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