Evening Strolls In Toronto


Since the days have gotten longer due to daylight savings springing us ahead; the sunsets and beautiful skylines of Toronto invite me to explore the paths and once snow-covered trails of the city. Yesterday, I escaped my apartment, within 15 minutes, I was at the waterfront near Exhibition Place. The sights I saw really speak for themselves…

Before I ever reached the water, I crossed my first bridge on Dufferin Street, it was an overpass bridge to allow the VIA Rail tracks to pass beneath. This is what I saw:


Continuing down Dufferin, towards Centennial Park, leading into Bandshell Park I was confronted with these bad boys…


This staircase is the foot of a bridge which allows pedestrians to safely cross Lakeshore Blvd. and, holds an extraordinarily beautiful view of the water, (strangely appealing) traffic, and the Exhibition Place turbine.


After the wind had exhausted my exposed facial skin, I retreated, taking the long way home heading east, and circling around towards the north-west end of Toronto/Parkdale.



These images hardly do justice to what I saw on this romantic, solo walk. Nonetheless, it’s a great reminded of why I fall in love with Toronto, every, single, day. No matter how often you walk, or how adventurous you might be, this city is too big, gorgeous, and forever-changing to allow us, Torontonians an ounce of boredom!

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