It’s a Spring Beer


It’s quite rare for me to be drawn to a beer that isn’t a pale ale, or a pilsner. I like my “light” beer, Steam Whistle, Stella, even Heineken are usually my go-to brews, but this Spring Bock from Amsterdam Brewery really intrigued me!


The look appeals to the spring vibes, with the wicked green eye-catching label, it’s definitely a marketing win! Then, you see the label tells you it’s a “strong beer” and it is – 7.3%!! Pretty strong, Amsterdam has some of the strongest beer sold at the LCBO. Their Bone Shaker is 7% which is the highest percentage beer sold at my location.

I was also enticed to buy this product because, I’m a total sucker for local anything local (Toronto)! I love supporting Toronto as much as possible, and due to all the fantastic, local offerings here, it’s really not a challenge! This, (and I quote) “all natural, cold-filtered, never heat pasteurized” lager is a refreshing reminder that spring is in the air!

For a casual evening drink, I would recommend this delightful, not-too-heavy (but not light), aged for six weeks lager, to anyone who is ready to appreciate a great brew, and indulge in a little taste of spring!

About Spring Bock:

“Our award winning Doppelbock is brewed in celebration of the arrival of spring. Rich, creamy and full-bodied, this strong lager uses seven types of malt to achieve a deep mahogany colour & bold stature. Vast quantities of hops are added to balance the treacle flavours.”

This beer truly is everything mentioned above.

** I would like to add that, I’m not a huge fan of hops, and if you aren’t either, try this beer! It’s not what you would expect when the label tells you it has “vast quantities of hops” don’t be discouraged. Try something new – it didn’t disappoint me!


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