They call it a “romper”, I call it my “hello spring/summer onesie”


This entry is inspired by the extravagant and magical transition that recently happened in Toronto: the bitter, cold, frigid unforgiving winter has begun to subside… As we sprung the clocks forward, we not only added an extra hour of sunlight to our days, but that very same sunlight brought a warmth that began thawing the entire wintery landscape we were growing used to.

In light of the beautiful transition I took advantage of the weather by strolling down Queen Street West last week, in a light spring jacket! Passing by a thrift shop I decided to stop in. It was called The Kind Exchange which is a chain of used clothing stores. They’re a unique chain, because you can not only shop, but you can donate, sell, and trade your clothing! Although the shops carry a vast amount of women’s clothing, shoes, purses, accessories, they also have items for men as well.

Below are the images are my first ever “onesie” which I bought, feeling inspired by the weather and the infectiously, brilliant blue colour. My sister later reminded me that, I’m not an infant, and I can’t called my outfit a onesie because it has a real name: romper. It was $12 and I can already imagine walking along the waterfront, with the sun beating down, a pair of black flats, and some snazzy sunnies to complete this versatile and oh-so-comfy summer look!

Front view: A plunging neckline leads into some adorable pleating and a cinched waist, held together by a small zipper – see back view.


Side view: So cute!


Back view: A large bow, tied securely to hold “the girls” in place, with literally no need for a bra!


I was so proud of this thrift shop find, here’s hoping this glorious weather is here to stay!!

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