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I cannot express to the world my unparallelled love for pizza. It’s a food-artists dream. Anything goes. Creative explodes on the canvas of fresh dough, and there are few occasions where I am able to articulate my true passion for this phenomenal fare. It can be simple and elegant or obnoxious and outrageous, commonly ordinary or badass-style.

Today, I want to tell you about Levetto pizza. I had the honour of dining at the new Toronto location last night: College and Dovercourt. I’m hooked!

The Good Stuff…

Comparable? Not really. It’s definitely no frozen pizza, nothing like a slice you’d grab at a Pizza Pizza, but not quite like a Terroni – wood burning oven slice either… It’s a unique pizza that contains simple sauce, which is exactly the kind of sauce pizza should have. The crust wasn’t too thin, not too thick, it was light, crisp, and cooked to a golden, heavenly finish. Subtle cheese, without overpowering – I could have used more, but I’m also a cheese-lovin’ crazy lady who thinks cheese is the gateway food to eating everything in the house – it goes with EVERYTHING! Just my opinion? I doubt it.. The toppings were cherishable! My pizza-pal and I devoured the following TWO pies:

  1. Soppressata: mild (also available in spicy!), the incomparable crushed tomato sauce, Fior di Latte, and fresh basil – The only thing you need to know about this pizza is that it’s the obvious choice. It’s the elegant, simple, and mouth-pleasing pizza that absolutely everyone will enjoy.10999566_10152579228386370_1185578486992360005_n
  2. Pollo Toscana: all natural chicken breast, tomato pesto, Fior di Latte, red onion, sundried tomato and fresh basil – The unexpected sweetness of this pizza is arousing to the taste buds, and paired with a dash of black pepper the dish needs nothing more.11058657_10152579228431370_2876623819067177237_n

After the glorious meal came to a close, I wouldn’t have ordinarily been persuaded to get a dessert, as my sweet tooth is lacking (and I’d rather have another pizza) I was convinced my sugar-addicted date. When the tiramisu (espresso soaked lady fingers, mascarpone cream, coulis, shaved chocolate) landed in front of me, it didn’t seem like such a bad idea. The espresso made the dish, and the whole TWO bites I had, were pretty magical.10406345_10152579228541370_5099001210695832384_n

When it came to settling the bill, the kind-hearted staff not only brought us the bill, but a complimentary dessert as well! How sweet?! Literally. Although, again, I’d rather have another pizza, but still super nice of them!

The Other Stuff…

The Space: Small, but so cozy! Large windows, drawing in passers by, or, at least intriguing them. Warm colours that compliment the red “Levetto” logo and sign. Completely open concept kitchen, it was great to watch the staff prep and create our (phenomenal)  meal. The wall facing the kitchen had a black chalkboard the cover the majority, with white art chalked on. There was a bar which seated about 10 chairs – front row seats to the kitchen!

The Menu: Again, small, but with great options. Pizza, pasta, salad, dessert – all anyone really needs! Their beverage selection was good, local beer – Steam Whistle, a few generic, easy-drinking, Italian red wines to pair with pizza, pop, water. The only downside to the wine – which we invested in, was that they only sell it by the bottle, not by the glass. Yeah… not the biggest flaw! I’m already over it.

The Staff: Young, friendly, not the pushy, in your face type (which I love). After seating ourselves, you order at the counter and they bring it to you – works for me!

Deliver: Yes

Pick Up/Take Out: Yes

Will I go back: Hell yes!

High: The pizza crust.

Low: It’s local-ish. There are six location, and I love finding the hidden gems of Toronto, but that’s the only lowlight I have. Oh! Maybe more condiments – parmesan, pepper, chili flakes at the table.

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