Wine Recommendations from 22 Year Old Whiskey Girl


11016370_10152563870856370_1748132700_nStraight up facts:

I’m 22

I’ve been drinking whiskey and rum since I was 16, I mean 19! That’s a bit more legal. 19..

I disliked wine until about… six months ago

Everyone’s palate is different (!!)

You should try all of these wines before you tell anyone that wine doesn’t rock…

I’ve realized, after a few months of working at the LCBO it’s so interesting to drink. Not to get drunk, but to drink for pleasure, enjoyment, and experience. Sound odd? It still does to me too! No doubt, I love a good Friday night filled with shots and sloppy dance moves from yours truly, but drinking is a whole lot more than that. The perks of the LCBO are the tastings we (the staff) get to participate in. When new wines, beers (LOTS OF CRAFT BEER), ciders (LOTS OF NEW CIDERS) and other alcohols (liquors around Christmas), come into our store, the staff has the advantage to try them. It’s really an educational experience. The alcohol representative will come in, often with food pairings, and a vast knowledge of the product. Where it comes, from how it’s made, when to drink it, etc.

Also, the LCBO has “Staff Picks” which are actually picked by the staff. One member of our team will select three bottles, (wine usually) place them in paper bags, and the rest of the staff will do a blind tasting. Based on the most popular wine, that will be our staff pick for the week, or month!

Through this experience I’ve actually grown used to the taste of wine, SOME wine. I have a very young palate and I enjoy the easy drinking wines.

*SIDEBAR: Wine and cheese is okay, but beer and cheese is the best! I love cheese (I could actually write a novel on my love affair with cheese. No, not kidding) But, I learned that beer and cheese have a better relationship because when you trace back to the origins of how beer is made and how cheese is made it all begins with the same foundation. Wheat/grass (the like) is how beer begins, and it’s what the farm animals ingest – the animals who produce the ingredients for the cheese. Beautiful.

Needless to say, the LCBO has given me the chance to try wines, and other alcohols without spending/wasting a ton of money on a whole bottle.

If you’re young, inexperienced to wine, curious, or want to prove me wrong, and tell me how awful my choices are, here are the top five wines you have to try:

  1. VQA, Strut Merlot: Ontario *Yes, the marketing got me here, a pair of sexy female legs on a bottle of wine, I’m in! The smoothness of wine definitely parallels the idea of a woman’s smooth elegant leg… Nailed it.
  2. Apothic. Red: California * Cali has some of the greatest wines, even the rose they have are excellent! If you’re super new to wine and like a sweet wine, rose, California, White Zinfandel should be a good starting point.
  3. Sandbanks, Baco Noir: Ontario *I grew up close enough to the Sandbanks beach, that a majority of my summers were spent there, in Picton, and I guess I have a soft spot for this wine. This was the single wine that made me rethink my whole approach to alcohol, for that I am truly thankful!
  4. Epica. Red: Chile *A solid staff pick that had me thinking about it all night at work. Yes, I bought this after my shift, drank a majority of the bottle and have been (slightly) obsessed with telling every customer to buy it. Just do it. Just enjoy it. Don’t deprive yourself. Mmm wine. Mmm, good wine!
  5. Miguel Torres Vina Esmeralda Semi, Catalunya: Spain *Drink this white wine with anything you want. Spicy food, cheese (obviously), turkey dinner. Anything! This wine is pizza. Everyone will like it, everyone will want more. It was brought into my store, just before Christmas. It’s one of the few wines I feel confident selling, and discussing to customers – due to my lack of general wine knowledge. It’s also the wine that I brought on a date, our second date; this sweet, handsome guy I’d just started seeing wanted to cook me dinner – yep, I was surprised too.. I had to work, but said I’d be over later, and I’d bring some wine when I was done. I’ll be blunt, it was pretty amazing, 2 months later, I’m still kind of blushing about it, oh, and the wine was great too!

The only white wine on this list, is the last one, Esmeralda. I’ve learned that, although white wine seems more appealing in theory, it’s much harder to enjoy. Red wine, I always thought was too heavy, and metallic to the taste, can actually be light, fruity, and, in every sense of this word ‘romantic’. These wines are all fantastic. Please, just try them.

Drink responsibly!!

I hope you all enjoy this, because I’m going to start sharing more of my insightful opinions and personal thoughts on new alcoholic brands and products!

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4 thoughts on “Wine Recommendations from 22 Year Old Whiskey Girl

  1. Hey Cathy! Thanks for the comment. I am 22, living in Canada and there is nothing illegal about that. The drinking age is 19 in this country.
    Thanks again πŸ™‚

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