TTC Heartbreaker


Something I have always been fascinated with is the amount of love in Toronto: the good, the cute, the bad, the unstable. Love, is rarely the happy fairytale we want. It’s complicated, scary, unpredictable, ever-changing, beautiful, explosive, addicting – you get the point. It’s like the chameleon of emotions. Because of this unique trait, you see love all over this city, and, what is associated with love is heartbreak. If you love someone, they have to be worth the heartbreak.

I will keep this post very short! I just wanted to share a TTC love and heartbreak story, which I encountered yesterday. The TTC is a magical place for lovers. Hand-holding, makeout sessions, drunken (or completely sober) argument. Couples on the TTC are often unaware that it’s not their own private limo or taxi, and they conduct themselves as such. If you don’t like PDA you will not enjoy the TTC…

So, here is what happened, on my way to work I usually have headphones, like many commuters do. Today, however, I forgot them in my apartment which left off of my senese exposed. As soon as I stepped onto the 29 Dufferin bus (which is surprisingly usually spacious) it was packed! The driver was about to pull into traffic when he stopped, and his voice flooded the shuttle. Here is exactly, what he said:

“Attention customers, a ring has just been issued into the fare box. Worth a lot more than $3 if you ask me. Should I put it through? Any takers? No? That’s one way to break off an engagement..”

The bus proceeded on ruote, as the commuters buzzed about this mysterious ring. No takers, even I was a bit surprised. As I’m sure many of the passengers created stories with their own imagination, answering the who, what, why’s swirling around, what I now like to think of as LotR’s ring – just kidding, but it crossed my mind.

The beauty about this story is that, it’s now a million stories. I understand that intrigue that police, detectives, crime workers, psychologists, etc. have with their work – but this is one story that, to me, doesn’t need an answer.

Maybe the heartbreakers in Toronto are getting original, maybe it was a $5.00 ring, but the fact remains that whoever put the ring there also rode that bus with me and for whatever reason didn’t want it. Whoever put it there, caused a 30 second scene, not a public spectacle; they clearly did not want the ring – ever again, and they made a subtle but strong point. Fascinating.

Posted with love…



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