One of “those days”


The title of this post.. a phrase used, probably daily, really speaks to me, and about me on this Wednesday. We have all had bad days, I’ve had my fair share, I’m sure you have too. But, today was just some kind of next level fresh Hell for me.

I’d like to think it all began last night. My night class at Guelph-Humber has lead to become part of the Emerge Media Awards. It is the only class I have this semester – as I completed my internship requirements in the summer. This class is about the brand Emerge. A brand created by my school. The brand embodies media, of students, for students, by students. There are three branches of the brand.

  1. Emerge Magazine
  2. Emerge Media Conference
  3. Emerge Media Awards 

The third branch is new, and had a soft launch last year. This year it is in full swing, and I am part of the EMA team to bring the award ceremony to life! It’s pretty exciting. I encourage you visit the sites and check out the cool stuff my school is doing! But, for now I want to focus on me (self-conceited? Maybe..)

So it all began as a normal day. We had a great class and by the end I was drafting an email pitch to invite a really interesting speaker to the awards ceremony. His name is Wab Kinew! As I’m writing I see the clock heading towards the later half of 9 pm. I decided I would leave, commute back home and send the email first thing the following day after getting a few of my group members to look over it!

All seemed fine, but this morning when I woke up to send this email I wanted to post in the course website discussion outlet, only to find that I have been de-registered for my class. The one and only class I have standing between me and my graduation day! It’s 8 am, the school isn’t even open but I have no way to talk to my class, my professor, and no way to be graded for my hard work taking place with the guest speaker (majority of our grade is based on discussion input and contribution – this is also how my professor tracks our out-of-class activities). I might be a little freaked out, but I relax and wait a whole hour to call financial aid and see what is going on. I call once – they don’t answer, second time, no answer, third time – finally a person! I am placed on hold for 17 minutes, and when I finally get through I’m told that I have not made proper payments and I have been de-registered. There is the first mistake made by my University.

a) I already had a back-and-forth battle with my program advisor on OSAP – I’m not a full-time student so she assured me I couldn’t apply for OSAP. Umm, there is part-time OSAP available too, she might be in the wrong field if she can’t even direct me with some real advising… The point – I had applied for part-time OSAP 2 weeks ago.

b) I made a point to come into the financial aid office this past Friday to see if there had been any updates about my OSAP which had not been released yet. While I was there I completed the tuition deferral form to maintain my enrollment while waiting for financial support to aid me in my payment.

c) My school had abruptly de-registered me without a warning, without an inquiry about my missing payments, and without looking at my deferral form.

After a number of pleasant moments spent on hold I was assured that this error would be corrected by the end of day. Fine, I can deal with that. I made my own path to contact my team members, and professor to keep them in the loop with our potential guest speaker. ** Pending results on the re-registration of my class.

At about noon today OSAP sends me an email, this email ensured me that I had completed all required tasks and the OSAP offices were waiting for the school to confirm my enrollment. As soon as this happens my funds would be released. Great – OSAP is waiting on my school to confirm my enrollment when, my school has literally just unrolled me. I feel like a cheap candle surrounded by my own melted wax, no longer exuding a heavenly aroma and about to lose my small flame.

After trying again, to reach the financial aid office via phone, they simply take my call and explain that the office is closed for the day and to call back tomorrow.


All the while my inbox is exploding with emails from Wab, my classmates, and my professor trying to keep a steady communication going. I am completely at fault for this inconvenient way of communication – but, hey, it’s the school. I followed protocol!

As I’m about to give up for the day, crawl into bed and sleep away the sorrows of this unfortunate day in the hopes that all will be resolved by mornings hopeful light, I get called into work. The LCBO. Sure. Why not, that’s a decent distraction, right? Money? I clearly (!) need that. I’m in. I force myself to sit up, do a quick yoga sequence to calm me down and hop in the shower. As I’m about throw my hair in a towel BAM! smoked my head off the bathroom doorknob. I almost felt like, wow, you go girl, not many people can pull that kind of stupid off. The throbbing in my head is a lot to handle, but I find myself laughing. What else am I supposed to do… Getting ready leads me to yet, another, small and unfortunate event. The light in my room isn’t great so I take my bronzer to the bathroom. Nope, sorry, let me rephrase I take my bronzer and smash it into a wet powdery pile on my bathroom floor.


Before I head to work, my lovely sister and roomie reminds me that it’s the 4th, I should probably pay rent. She was right. I headed to the office. Card declined. Card declined. Card… declined. It’s debit. I don’t own credit. I am now forced to pay my (not even expensive) rent with a bit of cash and a bit of plastic. It’s done. I’m not evicted. I’m smiling stupidly to myself. I swear everything will work out. Right now, it sucks, it’s definitely scary, but I’m walking straight, and I’m headed to work.

It’s just…. one of the days

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