Graduating University in three months got me thinkin’….


Nah, I’m not qualified for the real world. I may have spent the past four years in a communications/public relations program; completing an internship and getting pretty noteworthy grades along the way, but hey, here’s what my mind is telling me right now:

  1. Wouldn’t it be so cool to be a flight attendant for a few years?
  2. I think I should go back to school and get a certificate in social media, because let’s face it that’s a really interesting career and I don’t even know how to track an email yet…
  3. Maybe I should take a summer course.
  4. I definitely want to go to London England for a year and, it just so happens that a media guru from London is coming to my school this Friday to give a lecture? That cannot be a coincidence!

I have never once entertained the idea of returning to school once I leave my lovely University of Guelph-Humber. I always thought I would want to be in school for four years, period! I even questioned those four years and thought I might be better suited for a college course taking half the time… Regardless, I’m here now, and with three short months between me and my final university class I have to admit: I do not feel ready.

I’m probably not ready. I bet every grad goes through this, but it’s pretty relevant. I have a job, I like the LCBO, I’m not prepared to leave this job to obtain an entry level position with little experience and major expectations. Or am I? No, that simply seems crazy, I’ll barely be 23 years old when I graduate, and I want to travel, I really do – hence items 1 and 4 on the above list!

I also really liked working in the social media world during my internship. I like using social media for myself, and I really like keeping up with the social media for Happy Birthday Toronto. Social media marketing is a really interesting, new and unique part of communication. Unfortunately my four year program was lacking this communication aspect and Iย want more – items 2 and 3 on the above list!

Right now, I find myself questioning this list I made. I can do it all. Why shouldn’t I? Traveling is important, I need to experience more culture in my life. I only took my first flight 2 summers ago! And, no one ever said there was such thing as too much education. I deserve to be able to make these lists and then achieve them. I can still have my LCBO job, but it didn’t hit me until this moment that I can actually have everything I want. I was never a fortunate kid who was able to make that wish-list at Christmas and then wake up to have all expectations met or exceeded; that’s fine with me! I loved my childhood, but now I get to make a wish-list that clearly means way more than a Christmas gift; this my life and I’ll live it however I decide.

I sat down here about 10 minutes ago not knowing how this entry would flow, if at all. Somehow, it has relieved my mind and once I started writing I began answering my own questions. I am so happy I decided to start blogging again!

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