The Next Challenge: Deed Tags!


I do believe I’ve sat at my computer for at least six solid hours conducting (useless) researching my next 30 day challenge/experience/life changer/you get the point! After these not-so-glorious six hours of deliberation and blank staring contests between me and my unresponsive screen… I got nothin’! Frustrated with my own indecisiveness I headed to my Happy Birthday Toronto committee meeting.

It was during this meeting where the seed was planted for my next 30 days! I didn’t really know it at the time, but I do now. During the meeting we were all brought up to speed on the new sponsorship involvement for our event. We talked about Henry’s who has made our photo contest a reality, Panago Pizza who is supplying delicious food for the day of (mmm pizza), Yelp who has shipped some donation items to us (awaiting arrival!) and Deed Tags!

The last sponsor I mentioned is what helped me arrive at my new 30 day challenge destination – I still hate the word challenge but it just suits the phrase too perfectly!

As the meeting progressed and came to an end I found myself on the lovely TTC. I was trapped in my own mind which was still undecided on what I would dedicate myself to, for the next 30 days. Back to the computer as soon as I got home, I went to my social media outlets and added our new sponsors (if I wasn’t already connected to them). After liking the Deed Tags’ Facebook page I downloaded the app. Bam! There it was, my next challenge, it was too perfect, the app literally has a button called “30 Day Challenge” About Deed Tags, it’s basically what you think just by hearing the name. It is a Toronto based organization that is focused on spreading love and kindness to everyone! They have an app, a website, all the social media, a book of good deeds to inspire and encourage everyone to help share their message!

It’s always nice to participate in random acts of kindness, small good deeds, and simple gestures; this should always be weaved into our days. I’d like to say I’m a super conscious person when it comes to such acts, but with the busyness and rush of everyday life this simple idea can easily be smothered. However, I don’t think that’s a good enough excuse! This challenge might not be as difficult as giving up caffeine or eliminating alcohol from my 22 year-old lifestyle; but it will hopefully allow me to become a more compassionate, and conscientious person, of my surroundings and of all the people I encounter each and every day.

I am extremely excited to begin this journey and I aim not only to complete the daily tasks, but exceed them. After 30 days I hope to continue performing good deeds/acts of kindness and bring a little of sparkle to a stranger’s life each day. I find that, especially living in a hugely populated city like Toronto, it’s easy to get lost in the concrete jungle and focus solely on yourself. I’d like to change this, take the time to break out of this habit and shaped my life for the better! If you want to join me on this wonderful and love-filled journey: the more the merrier – I love a good cliche term to end an entry.

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