Toronto does food really, really well in February


When I moved to Toronto four years ago, I wasn’t coming here for the food, drinks, restaurants, breweries, food festivals etc. but I also had no idea that this city was so delicious: literally. In light of February beginning tomorrow I wanted to share some ideas with you on how to completely toss your New Years, healthy eating, diet, exercise and all other related expectations out the window. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. It’s winter, it’s cold, food makes us happy, and in this life you should always do (or consume) what makes you happy!!

An event kicking off tomorrow and lasting for seven full, glorious days is one of my favourites! La Poutine Week! It doesn’t get much more Canadian than this. It’s like the entire nation is saying “come one, which is best? You decide, try ’em all. Just do it.” And, I will gladly go along with the idea that eating poutine for seven days is the only rational choice to make. I have to support my city, right? I highly encourage the fine folks of Ontario to join this cause, and vote alongside me in this tasty journey to select the best poutine in the city!

Now, a little something for the hungrier Torontonians: Winterlicious! Even the name makes this cold season seem a bit better. During February’s first 12 days, restaurants across the wonderful city of Toronto, create special menus (one for dinner and one for lunch) at set prices. The deals are unreal. The prices are fair. The food is fantastic! For the next 12 days the city will devour some of the greatest meals imaginable. If you have a favourite restaurant, see if they’re participating in this event, and if not, it’s a really great way to explore the amazing food havens of TO without breaking the bank!

I’d like to end this lovely post by saying that Toronto has brought many new and interesting cuisine cultures to me. I am thankful to live in such a diverse city and I promise to never take the culture of food for granted! I’d also like to point out that, I am an honest person, but if you think I’ve mislead you, or, you need some proof that this entry is factual, the only way to know for sure is first-hand experience.

Happy eats!

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