I’d like to renew my vows… To this blog


Yikes… This is pretty embarrassing. I think it says in my bio that I like to write, but how would anyone possibly know? My last post took place during a time of warm sunshine and patio drinking. As I find myself dreading the idea of leaving my apartment due to the frigid cold and unwelcoming winds of winter in downtown Toronto, I turn to my computer.

As most of us are probably feeling (and hating) the cold creeping up our spines, the joyous holiday festivities have long ended and we embark upon the reality that winter isn’t leaving as fast as it came… The winter blues are a very real and very sad time for me.

Despite all this negative energy, I’d like to hit the refresh button. No, not on the season, but more so, for myself. When September rolled around myself in a new apartment, entering a new year at school, obtaining a new job (at the LCBO), and presented with an opportunity to join a non-for-profit committee (on volunteer basis – Happy Birthday Toronto) in the this beautiful city of Toronto. It all seemed so exciting. It was exciting. It still is, all very exciting. As the months progressed I was busy, I liked everything that was happening, new experiences – hey, I like wine and I like that the LCBO has product tasting – informed employees! Dating in Toronto is easy, finding someone you  don’t hate is damn hard. Parkdale is actually an extremely cool place to live – the West end never looked so good to me. I have also nailed the art of commuting from my lovely Parkdale apartment all the way to Guelph-Humber campus without writing angry Tweets about the TTC (which is a blessing, taken for granted by many!)

Still, with all of this going on something was missing. An outlet that I couldn’t find. Because, let’s face it, sure my life seemed good but everyone needs an outlet. Quite honestly, I hate to admit to this, but, it took my almost half a year to realize that what was missing in my life was this. Writing. Expressing myself. Maybe no one will read this, and that’s okay, but maybe someone will.

I need this blog to be part of my life. And on that note, I am recommitting myself to writing. Sure, I write in school, a couple essays, research papers. I write on Facebook, Twitter and I hashtag all day on Instagram, but the real missing piece is my voice, in paragraph formation, talking about my life!

I can be pretty interesting, I certainly amuse myself, and people laugh when they’re around me… Whether it’s with me, or at me, I’m not one to shy away from a solid, genuine chuckle.

I hope this post gets seen by a few people and that I can put a little sparkle into your lives by exposing my own!

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