What World Pride Taught Me


I was fortunate enough this year to be able to embrace and participate in World Pride/Pride Toronto! Here is what I’ve learned:

Everyone is beautiful

At 22 years old, I know I have self esteem issues, and I think almost every other person on this planet does too.. But when I was at pride, insecurities were nowhere in sight. Everyone was happy, expressing and flaunting exactly who they are. Whether they were gay or not, it didn’t matter. It was the most amazing experience to be surrounded by people who were so real.

When it comes down to it, love is what matters

It’s obvious that “gay rights” are not equal to the rights of straight people and, yes, it’s repulsive, but it’s true. And for one week out of the year, these truths seemed to disappear, what was left, was love. People were kissing, holding hands, supporting each other, making new friends etc.. It was a unique experience to see everyone who is fighting for the same equality rights come together to show the world that “gay is okay” or just to show that they are proud of who they are, and no amount of right-restrictions will change that.

onelove ❤

Toronto is proud

Each year Toronto hosts one of the largest festivals for World Pride. The entire week of June 22 – June 29, 2014, Toronto hosted rallies, parades, and even weddings for gay couples. Unfortunately not all cities are as welcoming and progressive as Toronto, but I have found that Toronto doesn’t judge, everyone is accepted and treated equally. This goes beyond pride, as Toronto is one of the highest diversely populated cities in the world. I’m so proud to call this city home.

Gay is not a choice, but acceptance is

No one chooses who they love, it just happens, and it’s amazing. The parad showed me that there are so many communities that are accepting and realistic when it comes to the gay community and their rights. There were floats from colleges, schools, nurses, police, the asian community, the jewish community, the african american community, the indian community (the list is truly endless) that showed their support this year. Acceptance is something we all have the ability to control, so we must fight for other to realize this power and begin to accept each and every member of the human race, as they are. 

Everyone is equal. 



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