Summer means BBQing


Last week I was able to spend my one and only day off with a good friend. We had made dinner plans, but wanted to stay in. So I grabbed some beer while I walked in the warm sunshine to the subway and began the journey to Humber College North. When I arrived we took a short trip to the grocery store and grabbed pineapple, shrimp, skewers, and an onion. Jamie (my friend) already had most of the ingredients at his place.ย 

When we got back, we cracked a beer, and were able to catch up on our busy lives while we (and I mostly watched, it was nice to not cook for once) prepared shrimp kabobs and pork kabobs. we stacked the skewers with our protein and added pineapple, onion, red pepper, orange pepper and yellow pepper.ย 

It took no time at all for the BBQ to make these tasty (and colourful) meals on a stick turn crispy and ready to be devoured.ย 

This picture might do it justice, but I think the food tasted even better than it looks!!



Tip: When BBQing with skewers it’s best to soak the sticks in water before loading them up and sticking them over a fire!

Happy BBQingย 


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