Fasten Your Padlock of Love & Throw Away the Key (in the cutest way possible!)


This article:  appeared in the TorontoSun’s online edition day. It reminded me of the lock I found during my trip to London England last summer:


It’s an adorable way to leave a piece of yourself in a exciting new place, shared with someone you love. Whether it was a romantic vacation, a honeymoon a business trip with a twist of love, or whatever brought you to that place, it’s a better idea (to me) than purchasing a souvenir any day!

This gesture appears to have a growing popularity among couples (official or not, please don’t take offense to that statement!).

As some of the images in the article are massive collections of locks symbolizing a secured connection between two people, the one I saw in London was alone; but it does not change the meaning.

These locks will hopefully be there for a long time, and it’s a beautiful way to make a lasting memory. Even if the relationships don’t last, or if they end by means other than “breaking up” those who secured the lock will always have it as symbol to prove that: at one point, in one moment in time, they were together, united, happy, in love – it’s a powerful statement!

To me, these images prove that love is a huge emotion and it’s one of the craziest emotions we, as humans can experience… Yet it’s something we all can relate to, we all (hopefully) are fortunate enough to express love, feel love, receive love and cherish it. These images expose the love in our world. And even though the Sun could have used the space and filled it with sad or scary information for the public, they chose this. That means something, and today I was able to smile at the thought of how many happy people clasped their locks – inanimate objects and felt joy by doing so. Of course, it has little to do with the lock, and everything to do with the action, the symbolization and the feelings associated. This article is simply lovely.


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