Seriously Cool Streets Toronto


If you’ve visited Toronto, or live here, it’s no surprise that you’ve seen street art in various locations scattered across the entire city. I’ve had the opportunity to see some pretty cool pieces, but not nearly as much as I’d  like. I often stumble upon the art unintentionally and I always hope to find more.

Toronto has got some extremely talented artists, I can imagine there are many Banksy-like up and comers within this city.

And it is much more than random bursts of creativity. Street art is a cultural experience, and it has grown from a niche and intimate (also illegal) subculture to a mainstream recognized talent. There are facebook pages, Twitter accounts, websites, and groups devoted to this artistic outlet here in Toronto.

Here is a link to some cool places in Toronto that are filled with great street art:

Another link to the “Best Toronto Street Art”:

Toronto Street art even has a page on pinterest!

Here are few images I took myself, on King and Portland St.


Keep an eye out for some really interesting art in Toronto! You never know what you might be overlooking in your daily travels around the city..


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