Working Girl


I like to think of myself as a very independent person! I have been working since i was about 16/17 years old. I’ve worked at many jobs such as: Tim Hortons, the Madoc Skate Park, serving at the Comfort Hotel, Wild Wing, Gourmet Express (Humber), The Cleaning Authority and more.

I’m only 22 and I’ve had many jobs already, not to mention I’ve been in school during all of these experiences.

Currently I work at Wild Wing on King St. Toronto, I’m interning at a boutique PR agency and as of two days ago I was hired at the LCBO as a “fixed-term employee” a.k.a seasonal.

I’d like to keep all three jobs, am I nuts? Maybe. Am I a financially unstable University student? Definitely! If the next few weeks are anything like this week, it’s going to be really hectic. I had this past Sunday off which I spent with my sister, and then had dinner with an ex coworker. Monday I worked at my internship, Tuesday was a full 9 hour day of LCBO training, as was today (Wednesday). I also worked on some projects for my internship after 6pm. Tomorrow I will be at my internship for 9 hours, and work 7pm – close at Wild Wing, followed by another 9 hour day at my internship Friday, and another closing shift at Wild Wing. Saturday I work a day shift at Wild Wing and Sunday I work an evening shift. The following week will begin with my internship Monday – Wednesday 9am – 6pm. This is the as far as my schedule has reached (to my knowledge).

Now, to fit the LCBO into this whole equation might be tricky… I have to call my LCBO location tomorrow on my lunch break and inquire about when they have put me on the schedule; here’s hoping its in about a week. Once I know when I’m on the schedule I can break the news to Wild Wing, which I can only assume won’t go well. They have been absolutely fantastic about working around my internship schedule, but this is probably a bit much. I mean, I have a reason to say this, as I asked for July 24 and 25 off two months in advance and still received a speech about how I cannot ask for a week off, or even a full weekend all summer. I know that I am new, and I must take some shit in order to work my way up, but, it’s Wild WIng, and this is not going to be my career. As much as I appreciate them hiring me and being accommodating, I think I’m a good employee. I take shifts when people need me to cover them, I willingly switch shifts, stay late and obey all the rules.

The LCBO on the other hand, could very well be a career move for me.

The reason I applied at the LCBO is because I wanted to start working somewhere that allowed for growth, advancement, and learning opportunities. As I’ve mentioned before, I am in PR and I can see my future self, working for the LCBO in head office as part of their media relations, communications, or public relations division. As weird as this may sound, that idea really excites me!

Of course the LCBO has great products, but the entire company is great too. I have already met many managers, and employees who work in head office over the past two days; they have all been wonderful, kind, helpful and encouraging. The LCBO has a great message, mission, and goal. They support their communities and participate in charity events. They support their employees and are committed to ensuring their employees have opportunities to advance within the company. This can be through classes such as French, or alcohol beverage tasting. They have a seniority rule which ensures when positions become available the senior members of the team are automatically taken into consideration. And even jobs in head office (that are offered to any qualified individual) will be made known to current store employees.

Getting back to my crazy work-life, I will be done my internship June 28 and this will hopefully allow me to maintain both jobs at Wild Wing and the LCBO. I will work for the LCBO until labour day and after this I will have to reapply for a Christmas season position and continue to pursue positions within the LCBO until I graduate and further advance my PR knowledge to the point where I feel confident enough to apply to a head office position!

Of course this is a great goal to set, I know there will be many challenges and experience I will live through along the way. It does feel oddly comforting to express an idea of where I’d like to see myself in 5 – 10 years. Growing up has never looked so appealing!


2 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. Bighead63

    You are not nuts you have a drive in you and your are not scared to work! However, keep taking care of yourself xx

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