Let’s Talk About Pizza & Patios


I was honoured to spend last Thursday out with my amazing sister after a long day of work! We had much to celebrate as we both have internships in our desired fields of study, and we both have part-time jobs downtown Toronto. It was a beautiful day and we really deserved a nice dinner and a movie date. We began our adventure walking down Richmond St. toward Jack Astors which is directly across from Scotiabank Theatre. We sat on their patio in the back and began with adult kool-aid, if ya catch my drift.. Okay, I’m lame but that’s alright. Anyways, take a look at these beauties: Image

In the back is my delicious white-wine sangria, and the closer one, Emma’s (my sister) is a blueberry mo-tea-to! Simply splendid summer sippers! 

This delightful pizza you can feast your eyes on is Jack’s veggie pizza! So good, I would absolutely recommend this culinary treat to all veggie lovers out there. It is very large, but hey, does anyone really complain about having a midnight snack that tastes this good?! I think not…


After dinner we had some time to kill before proceeding to the movies: more drinks? And so we did. Just a block or 2 away is Grace O’Malley’s. It was my first time there and they had a special on martinis, and being it was a girls night we found it very suiting and decided to indulge. Here is the product: 


(Sorry about the darkness, this bar isn’t very bright!)

And well after that we couldn’t see straight, forget trying to watch a movie….. KIDDING! We are big girls, we can handle a few drinks. We decided on watching Neighbors, it was hilarious, and perhaps the drinks influenced my decision, maybe it was Mr. Efron’s smile, Mr. Rogen’s sarcasm, or Rose Byrne being a badass mom, but regardless the movie was truly funny and reflected college pretty accurately! 

If you haven’t seen it, you really should, and while you’re out grab some drinks and tasty summer grub, tis the patio season folks!!


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