Six Weeks Sober


Yeah, that’ll happen… I find it difficult to go one day without enjoying a cool, refreshing alcoholic beverage. Pair that with a cigarette and any bad day instantly seems a little brighter. 

Well, as it turns out, no, I cannot remain sober for six weeks.

As a broke university student I decided to test my limits and challenge myself to stay sober for six weeks. This happens to be the duration of my (unpaid) internship. I thought it would make the celebratory drink after completing the internship that much tastier, not to mention save me some cash! But after a long and difficult Monday (seven days into being a “sober Sally”) I gave up. I guess I’m not cut out to be sober – and hey, lesson learned – point taken – message received! I’m just a happier person when I have a well-deserved drink, I can live with that! 

Just because I can’t be sober doesn’t mean I need to pair my drinks with a cigarette though. In fact I haven’t had a cigarette in 8 days. I’m extremely proud of myself as I started smoking about 3 – 4 years ago. I always imagined it was a “phase” – or at least that’s what I told myself. 

I do, wholeheartedly believe in “the social smoker” and as much as people and the media try to say it’s just an excuse to make individuals believe smoking is okay, it’s true! I found it weird to smoke alone, but it came all too easily when I was in a social setting with other smokers.

Eventually I got to the point (4 years later) when I kept telling myself that smoking made me feel sick. It went right to my head! I guess it worked, towards the end of my smoking days (a whole 8 days ago) I found myself barely able to finish a cigarette at all, and usually I wouldn’t.

There were a lot of factors that attributed to me wanting to quit:

  • I find myself sick a lot, and smoking makes a sore throat worse!
  • My mom is a smoker and I’ve always given her shit for it – I was hypocrite 
  • My siblings (brother and sister) both hate it
  • I can’t afford it! It’s too expensive to purchase a box of tobacco that lasts a day to a week (I need a longer commitment to what I spend my money on) 
  • Health – if I ever want to be able to feel good, run, bike, or hike without collapsing 6 steps in I can’t be a smoker – and I do want these things
  • I can’t stand the smell, on me, on other people, clothing, furniture, breath – the smell is atrocious

There are probably more reasons but that is enough for me. I’m 8 days in, I don’t plan on giving up and I’m young enough that I can reverse the effects of the past 4 years! 


Wish me luck 



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