Photographer: Richard Renaldi


Living downtown, and walking along King St. almost daily for my internship and job I’ve noticed an interesting display of photographs just past the Roy Thomson Hall. The images captured a pair of individuals who were physically very different, and always, in some way, touching one another.

After a few days of walking by, I finally took a moment to read and research the meaning of the pictures. They were taken by a photographer named Richard Renaldi. He grew up in Chicago Illinois, and moved to New York in 1986 to study photography at the New York University.

The story of his most recent photographs began in 2003 when he embarked upon a journey through Greyhound Bus Stations and photographed “bus travelers”. What he noticed was the variety of people, and the amount of people, who didn’t know each other in one room, sitting next to each other as complete strangers. As he grew more and more intrigued with his existing project that expanded across the country he wanted to do more. He wanted to increase his original challenge.

In 2007 Renaldi began a six year journey that took him across the United States. He found a great challenge in this project because he needed not only one person to give him permission, but each pair of strangers had to give him consent and be open to the Renaldi’s concept.

This project began in the United States, it is now being seen in Canada, and other places around the world.

Renaldi worked with the Aperture Foundation and kickstarter to make this project a reality and to publish it in book-form.

I really encourage people to view this work, it is so intimate and unique.


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