Homemade Alfredo Topped Pasta with Cajun Spiced Chicken


I said I like to cook, and I meant it!

** Warning: dishes presented on this site with make mouths water and create strong urges to cook…or eat!!

Every now and then we are all in the mood for a really great pasta! It’s easy, it’s tasty and you can get very creative with toppings – it’s like the sundae of dinners.

Yesterday this dinner was created with white pasta, homemade Alfredo sauce (yes, freshly made, no package here!), tossed with green peppers, and a Cajun spiced chicken breast. It was a great meal for summer, not too heavy. The fresh spices and vegetables really added to the overall appeal of the dish.

How to make a similar dish: De-thaw chicken breast by running them under cool water for about 20 – 30 minutes when you’re ready toss the chicken in spices of your choosing (Cajun spice has just the right amount of kick, but you can go hotter, or try more natural flavours by adding simple salt and pepper) I prefer to cook chicken on the stovetop, so once the chicken is on start boiling water and add the pasta. The sauce takes only a little time, but you have to add the correct amount of heavy whipping cream, butter and parmesan cheese, over a medium heat. Once you remove the sauce it will start to thicken up. Throw in some diced green peppers; at this point the chicken should be flipped and the pasta should be almost ready when the chicken reaches 165 F. When all of these ingredients blend together it creates a creamy, moist yet spiced chicken with a good crunch from the peppers!

If I make a great meal, you’re going to see it right here!



Happy Eats!


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