Welcome to my Chromebook


This is not my first time creating a blog, and it probably won’t be my last. I have used blogger, blogspot and tumblr; all of which clearly did not meet my needs – although I have very few, I am hopeful wordpress is the blog outlet for me!

One need I have recently satisfied though, is a new computer. A laptop, to be specific, and in all honesty it’s more like a huge cellphone.

I purchased a “chromebook” two days ago after my Acer PC decided to allow virus after virus into it’s Norton protected walls.

As a broke university student, working as an unpaid public relations intern who is dependent upon a useful laptop you can imagine the horror that consumed me.

Breathing deeply and attempting to remain calm I walked to the nearest Future Shop (which to me was at Dundas Square). With leftover money from my recent birthday, and $200 in cash (from selling my car for scrap metal about a month ago) I was able to afford the cheapest computer!

To my surprise and delight I have grown fond of my little white chromebook and have used it to two consecutive days at my internship. So far all is well and the speed is greatly appreciated!

As I mentioned before this computer really is a big cellphone. Run by Google Chrome, it can only host Google Chrome apps. At first, I was uncomfortable with the idea of not having Microsoft or Adobe programs, but I quickly got over that.. Realizing that Good Chrome apps would have to be similar to all other computer applications.

It turns out I was completely correct. I like trying new things and being forced to test the waters of chromebooks has paid off!



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